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Liquor Lockers and Hot Dogs Coming to Ivy and Coney in Shaw

A month ago, Y&H broke the news that part of the team from Kangaroo Boxing Club was opening a new bar in Shaw called Ivy and Coney. Today, we know some more about what'll be inside it: The restaurant will embrace all things Chicago and Detroit.

Co-owners Josh Saltzman and Adam Fry are from Chicago, while their partner Chris Powers is from Detroit. The fourth member of the team, Jamie Hess, is a native Washingtonian. As an homage to their roots, the menu will feature Chicago-style and Detroit-style hot dogs as well as Chicago Italian beefs, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks.  Beer will include Stroh's, Old Style, Goose Island's 312, and Bell's Two Hearted Ale. You can bet that Chicago and Detroit sports teams will grace the several TVs in the bar.

Ivy and Coney will also riff on Scotch lockers: Customers will  be able to obtain reserved liquor lockers where they can store their own personal bottles with a "highly discounted service rate."

The owners have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund some extra touches like custom-built bar stools, HD TVs, and a painted mural of the Detroit and Chicago skylines. Rewards range from high fives to hot dogs to baseball tickets (Nats vs. Tigers and Nats vs. Cubs, of course) to locker memberships. And hey, if you've got $10,000 laying around, you'll get food and drink for five years plus all the other rewards.

Ivy and Coney's goal is to raise $8,000, but they've got some plans in case they're able to collect more. If they bring in $20,000, they'll open up the facade of the building and put in a giant floor-to-ceiling window. At $50,000, they'll add on a roof deck. And if they reach $80,000, that roof deck will have a retractable glass covering.

Ivy and Coney, 1537 7th St. NW;

  • Fuck

    What the fuck happened to this city?

  • dave b

    "Chicago Italian beers"?

    Is that supposed to be Italian beef?

    I agree, it would be refreshing if someone's concept was just "a bar with beer and booze and maybe some food"

  • I&C

    Yes. Italian Beefs! I'm glad you like our concept. Sometimes less is more.

  • Jessica Sidman

    @dave b Sorry, typo! It's beef! Fixed now.

  • BW

    When will someone open a Juggalo themed bar?

  • Jim

    @BW - You ever been to Piratz Tavern?

  • Hal9000

    Whoa, now there's a business plan. Open a bar in DC that caters mostly to transplants from two broken-down midwestern cities. And then furnish it when you can by trying to raise money on Indiegogo. The lifespan of this place will be measured in weeks.

  • sewsewsoso

    I can't wait for the chance to wear my hat backwards with these guys. If the bar is so Detroit and Chicago centric, why have the word Coney in the name?

  • David

    @sewsewsoso Because the Coney Dog is a Detroit classic, you asshat. Do your research before showing how culturally illiterate you are.

  • Ivy

    @hal9000 you're right! There IS a business plan! But folks, this guy took his name from a robot that broke in a matter of weeks! We all know nothing is better than an ice cold Budweiser in a location-specific bar- kinda like our favorite Billy Goat Tavern, been serving up brews for over 360 weeks! Cubs win! Cubs win!