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TGI Friday’s Coming to Columbia Heights

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A liquor license notice reveals that TGI Friday's is on its way to Columbia Heights at 3334-3336 14th St. NW. The restaurant will have seating for 290 and a sidewalk cafe as well as occasional DJ and karaoke, according to the notice.

The chain already has a location at 2100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW and at Reagan National airport.

Y&H is reaching out to TGI Friday's and will update when we learn more.

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    Is this the space that was going to be an olive garden? Im not really seeing how a TGI Fridays right across the street from an always empty Ruby Tuesdays is viable. Of all the chains out there. How bout something fun like an outback steakhouse. Or Bahama Breeze. I dont know.

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    The Ruby Tuesday is not designed well. The glass on the windows in tinted and mirrored. It has a big sidewalk but not sidewalk seating. It does nothing to draw people in. It sounds like this TGI Fridays is going to be very different. I for one have fond memories of going there as a kid in the suburbs. I think it's going to do well in a neighborhood that needs more affordable family restaurants. It could even be an ironic place to go for happy hour, especially on a Friday.

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    affordable family restaurants? Petes apizza, IHOP, Distritco Federal

  4. iamDC-theward8great!

    Well hopefully it will have a good vibe and spare me from the lackluster selection of eateries at that metro stop.

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    Assuming DC didn't give the owners $750K to open like they did IHOP.

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    I think I read TGIF is trying to debut a new concept. Still I'm guessing they would do better in Fairfax.

    I have to second that there are tons of affordable familiy restaurants in the area. There are also two good burger places Five Guys and Z Burger and tons of affordable ethnic cuisine all over the place. The only thing TGIF can offer that other places doesnt is reheated chicken.

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    I don't think of fast food as family restaurants. I meant a place where you could sit down and order from a waiter.

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    Welcome to the mall.....yikes!

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