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What to Expect From Ted’s Bulletin on 14th Street NW

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A super-sized Ted's Bulletin will open on 14th Street NW sometime this month with doughnuts galore and all-day breakfast. Here are five things to expect from the American restaurant, bakery, and milkshake destination... in addition to house-made, Pop-Tart-inspired toaster pastries, of course.

1. It's pretty much just like the Ted's Bulletin in Capitol Hill, but bigger. There are twice as many seats, including a long bar that runs the length of the dining room with a view of the kitchen.

2. The 1930-inspired decor is comprised of materials, including marble and light fixtures, salvaged from the old Philadelphia Civic Center, which was torn down in 2005. (The Capitol Hill location also contains materials from there.) Seating includes yellow booths and old-school desk chairs from Los Angeles with etchings carved by students. A projector will screen black-and-white movies on the dining room wall. 

3. The larger 500-square-foot bakery, visible from the front window, means Ted's can expand its sweet offerings. In particular, look out for doughnuts. The bakery will produce cake and yeast varieties with a variety of frostings and toppings. There will also still be Pop-Tarts as well as off-the-menu "popwiches" (ice cream sandwiches made out of the pastries).

4. The menu—from all-day breakfast to alcoholic milkshakes—will be exactly the same to start.

5. It will be open at 7 a.m. seven days a week, making it one of the only eateries open in that neighborhood for early risers.



photo (77)

Ted's Bulletin, 1818 14th St. NW;

Photos by Jessica Sidman

  • MJ

    6. The food will be extremely average.

  • http://yahoo Maurice Hines

    I love what they do to the place it absolutely fabolous and i love it i walked pass there everyday going to work and even when i get off coming down 14th street. Woww!! Don't be surprised if i look u up and start to walk in or on line applying for Ted's and trying to work with him or for him if u guys are hiring. I really love what u guys have had done with the building i watch it succeed and it did not take long and that what i like about it and i would love to join the teams. Be on a look out i'm coming to your establishment to apply my self and meet Ted's and the rest of the Teams Members....

  • monkeyrotica

    Those seats and benches are a pain in the ass. Literally. Also figuratively.