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Izakaya Seki Celebrates Year One With Unlimited Tuna for $15

Izakaya Seki chef/owner Hiroshi Seki will celebrate the Japanese spot's one-year anniversary by butchering a whole 100-pound yellowfin tuna in front of guests on July 31. For three days, the restaurant will offer all-you-can-eat tuna sashimi for only $15.

"It's just to say thank you for a good first year so far," says Seki's daughter and co-owner Cizuka Seki, who tells Y&H she's only slightly larger than the fish. "He figured probably no one's ever seen this, it might be fun."

The demonstration will go down at 5 p.m. on the 31st, and guests are welcome to hover around the open kitchen to check out Seki's knife skills in action.

UPDATE: Cizuka says that there will no longer be a demonstration of the butchering of the tuna due to the time involved in breaking it down. However, the deal—$15 for unlimited tuna—is still on.

Izakaya Seki, 1117 V St. NW; (202) 588-5841;

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    I'm going to be first in line. So excited!

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    POSTSCRIPT -- We're offering this exclusively to thank all of OUR *WONDERFUL* REGULARS who come from near and far (including as far as St. Louis and beyond) and who enjoy my dad's handiwork with a well honed blade.

    The blade he uses to butcher a tuna is BIG. and it will be a special opportunity for anyone who is interested in watching a true craftsman at work. (ノ´ー`)ノ

    ...God forbid this comes across as an opportunity to fill your mouths from an all-you-can-eat food trough of tuna....( ̄□ ̄;)!!

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    CIzuka- could you clarify: is this is a closed event for "regulars"? Just want to double check before I head out there next week. Been to Seki once and loved it! So either way- I'll be sure to head back in the very near future.

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    @Martin: EVERYONE is welcome! I apologize if anything was otherwise implied.

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    I think this event will be very popular! What happens if the 100 lb tuna gets eaten by Friday? Are there guaranteed quantities for Friday as well? Thank you!

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    @KP The deal goes until the 100-pound tuna is gone.

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    I HAVE VERY DISAPPOINTING NEWS....MY DAD HAD TO START CARVING SO THERE WILL NO LONGER BE A DEMONSTRATION. The tuna was so big that there was no way we could carve it up during service hours and plate it fast enough.

    but of course, the offer still stands and we will only be charging $15/person for as much as you can eat.


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