Young and Hungry

Celebrate The Royal Baby With Royal Baby Milk Shots at The Queen Vic

It's not a major news event until bars start offering drink specials. So it was only a matter of time before the royal baby started inspiring shots.

H Street NE's The Queen Vic will serve a "royal baby milk shot" for $6.36 with Chambord, Crown Royal, and milk. Bartender Noel Quinn, originally from Dublin, created the drink. His logic is that if the baby is celebrating with milk, why shouldn't the adults do the same with a bit of booze? The Queen Vic is also holding a royal baby charity baby shower on Aug. 9, collecting toys to give to D.C.-based charity Sasha Bruce Foundation.

Meanwhile, Commissary in Logan Circle is celebrating with The Duke and The Duchess cocktails—both $7. The Duke contains bourbon, creme de cassis, mint, muddled orange, and grilled orange, while The Duchess has gin, rosemary syrup, lime, and blueberries.

Photo of Kate Middleton via Shutterstock

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