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Last Night’s Leftovers: Pizza and Subs Edition

This guy insults D.C. pizza and sub sandwiches. [NYTimes]

Where the guy who insults D.C. pizza should get pizza. [Post]

Where the guy who insults D.C. subs should get subs. [DCist]

Frozen yogurt invades Falls Church. [Eater]

Happy hours for day drinkers [Girl Meets Food]

Try the naan pizza at Spice 6. [HuffPost]

D.C.'s not the only city with a shortage of experienced cooks; New York, too. [NPR]

Eight restaurants to try while everyone is out of town [Zagat]

Photo of 2Amys by Chris Shott

  • DC

    It's about time non-New Yorkers started to broadcast, very loudly, that the object of New Yorkers' Permanent Crush is not so great. Yeah, its a nice city -- though too expansive and expensive for my taste -- but just not. that. great. Especially the food. They're like high schoolers who never grew out of their first infatuation, having built it up throughout the years to such heights in their own minds, that it would be impossible for them to see it objectively.