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No More Breakfast Hoagies at Taylor Gourmet

Sad news for breakfast-hoagie lovers: Taylor Gourmet stopped serving them over the weekend, and will now open at 11 a.m. instead of 8 a.m.

Co-owner Casey Patten explains that after a year and half of offering the breakfast menu, the egg-filled hoagies just weren't selling well enough, and it was tough getting staff in earlier. The breakfast risotto balls are also gone. "We knew that we would have a little bit of backlash and people would get upset, so the goal was at some point to bring it back on a limited time basis going forward." Patten is thinking about doing a breakfast pop-up for a weekend this summer.

There may also be some hope for bringing a breakfast sandwich to the regular menu, too. Patten says they're reviewing the menu at an upcoming company meeting, and that's one of the topics up for discussion.

Photo courtesy Taylor Gourmet



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    Yes to breakfast sandwich on the regular menu!

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    worst day of life.

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    Why does DC breakfast food have to suck so hard? At least Taylor's in dupont offered breakfast, which I frequented until this.

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    I always wondered why they stopped serving them at 11 on the weekends. If you wake up wanting a giant delicious breakfast sandwich on a Sunday morning, it's probably after 11 a.m.

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