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Zeke’s DC Donutz Closes—for Now

Not everyone likes the smell of fresh doughnuts, it turns out. Zeke's DC Donutz has closed—temporarily—in order to address complaints from its landlord and neighbors about the fried dough fumes.

Owner Aaron Gordon explains that the Dupont Circle space does not allow for a normal hood above its fryers, which would bring the heat, odor, and grease particles from the kitchen up to the top of the building. Instead the doughnut shop has a ventless hood, which gets rid of grease particles and helps prevent fires, but does very little for the heat and odor.

Gordon says he's been trying to address the problem since the restaurant opened, adding two new vents, but it wasn't enough. Right now, the restaurant is closed while his engineers and contractors try to come up with a potential solution. There is a possibility, Gordon says, that Zeke's might leave the location. He says he's hesitant to do anything that's expensive but may not fix the problem.

"We're going to keep trying, and I'm hopeful that we can open," Gordon says. "But it's possible that we cannot do it, in which case we will most likely try to find a new location."

Dupont ANC Commissioner Kevin O'Connor tweeted last night that the restaurant was closed, but as of now, Gordon says his restaurant still has a lease and has not gone out of business.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • DC

    This guy may make good snacks (froyo, donuts, salad) but he has ZERO business sense. Tangysweet was run very poorly but I think could have done fine if they had been managed better. Zeke's is a joke. They changed names the day before opening. They aren't open in the morning or at night -- they have banker hours. You know when people want donuts? In the morning before work. Or after eating at one of the many restaurants in Dupont. Not at 2 PM. The empanada place can get fairly crowded (dessert empanadas) on a friday or saturday night while Zeke's is closed. Also that space is fine but kind of small -- really shouldn't be for a place where you have to sit and eat your food. (The takeout sub place was great but it closed in like 4 months). Also the bottom line with Zeke's is the donuts aren't that great. Taste like Dunkin Donuts with some flavor sauce on top. Not terrible, but not great.

  • For reals?

    A donut shop that opens at 11:00 on weekends.

    A ski store in Haiti.

    Telescopes for the blind.

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  • manacotti bootycheeks

    Oh wow, just feed me the doughnuts and ill solve the problem

  • Homer J. Simpson

    Sounds sprink-a-licious to me. Can I move in upstairs from that place? Mmmm. Donuts.

  • Matt

    Must suck to have your place smell like delicious donuts.

  • Kev29

    Tell me more about this "flavor sauce" you speak of...

  • SW

    Aw, bless his heart.