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Four New Restaurants Open on the 14th Street Corridor This Week

You'd think that with all the new restaurants opening up on 14th Street NW, it might be easier to get a table on a Tuesday night. Don't hold your breath.

Two new restaurants officially opened last night: Italian gastropub Ghibellina and Belgian bistro B Too. Around 8 p.m., Ghibellina had an hour-and-a-half wait, while B Too and month-old Le Diplomate were so full that they both stopped taking names for walk-ins. (I ate at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace: 30 minute wait.)

Meanwhile, Black Whiskey, a new bar and art space from the owner of Kushi Izakaya & Sushi, debuted just a few blocks south over the weekend. (I didn't get a chance drop in to see how packed it was.) And today, Sweetgreen opens a location at 14th and W with a "pay what you want" promotion with proceeds going to its school nutrition program. (Cue the lines.)

Still to come to the corridor: Kapnos and GDiegoPiolaEttoDoi MoiTed's BulletinLupo VerdeTicoTaqueria NacionalBakeHouseCompass RoseBar di BariM Cafe & BarBarcelona Wine Bar, Chipotlesomething from the Taylor Gourmet guys, and I'm sure I'm missing something else.

If you can snag a seat, here's what you should expect to eat and drink at 14th St. NW's four newest additions:

B Too

1324 14th St. NW

What You'll Eat: Mussels are one of the main attractions with eight different varieties, including "green" with chorizo, spinach, ahd garlic cream sauce and "Hoegaarden" with orange zest, celery, cilantro, and lemongrass. Chef Bart Vandaele has a Jasper oven, which uses charcoal, for many of the dishes. Some of his "100% Belgian" items include Flemish beef stew, mussel waffles, brussels sprouts with duck confit, and endive salad with orange, blue cheese, and cocoa nibs.

What You'll Drink: Belgian beer, of course. The restaurant has about 120 Belgian brews, including a dozen on draft. Eventually, B Too hopes to bring that collection up to 200 beers. (Beer also makes its way into the cocktails.) The restaurant has a substantial wine list, too, with an emphasis on French Bordeaux and Burgundy as well as Spanish varietals, for which Vandaele has a particular passion.


1610 14th St. NW

What You'll Eat: The menu is broken down into sections like zuppe (soups), insalate (salads), pasta, pesce (fish), carne (meat), contorni (sides), and salumi e formaggi. Among the "secondi" or main courses is a 1.5 kg (3.3 pound) Bistecca alla Fiorentina for $85. For something a little more manageable, try one of the pizzas, which include the classic margherita di bufala as well as Germogli di Piselli with pea shoots, culatello, lemon, mozzarella, and grana cheese.

What You'll Drink: Italian wines and beers dominate the drink menu. There are also a half dozen $12 cocktails including the "Ghib-Bellini" with white beach puree, lemon juice, and bitters as well as the "Via Garibaldi" with Fernet Branca, lime and lemon juice, and egg whites.

Black Whiskey

1410 14th St. NW

What You'll Eat: The pub food menu includes a carving station that turns out roast meats and vegetables.

What You'll Drink: Small-batch whiskeys and a dozen or so beers on tap.


1325 W St. NW

What You'll Eat: Sweetgreen will offer its standard menu of salads, grain bowls, and frozen yogurt, but today only, pay whatever you feel like. Keep in mind: All the money will benefit Sweetgreen in Schools, a collaboration with DC Farm to School which teaches student about the importance of nutrition and local foods.

What You'll Drink: This location will be the first to have its own Sweetpress window for selling organic cold-press juices.

Photo of B Too by Jessica Sidman

  • Guest

    Any image of the Ghibellina menu or ballpark on prices? It's not on their site yet.

    And, while B Too's menu looks great, its beers are prices WAY higher than they should be - a good $2 or $3.

  • Chi

    And Spike mendelsohn to open Bernaise on CAP hill in June for the non beatniks on 14th steak frittes set menu all bot. Wines only sforty bucks

  • Jessica Sidman

    @Guest I just took a photo of the Ghibellina menu and hyperlinked it over "the menu." Sorry, it's not the best quality image. We're moving offices today so I can't properly scan it.

  • tntdc

    Sadly most of these will disappear as real restaurants soon.

    In DC there is much more money in liquor than food and it doesn't take long for a restaurant to realize that's where all it's money is coming from and the food is a nuisance.

    The quality of food goes down and the prices go up very fast.

  • HKK

    tntdc. I highly disagree. As the DC palette matures, these restaurants will thrive. This section of 14th street is not for college kids as U street has become. This is for the growing neighbors and neighborhood that need something to do other than hang out in a bar.

  • tntdc

    HKK- A couple years or so ago the news was the wonderful new restaurants Policy, Masa 14, Standard, and el Centro. All mostly bars now.

  • HKK

    tntdc - and the food is mediocre in all of those establishments. The the social and economic demographi has changed considerably in those two years and the public needs more than "I just got of college bar".

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  • tll

    HKK is correct. Add Lost Society and the Brixton also. There was so much hope for them as restaurants. The food is less than mediocre -- and now they are really just bars.

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