Young and Hungry

Food Truck Stunt Aims to Demonstrate What D.C. Could Be Without Them

Food trucks are going on their version of a hunger strike today to protest proposed mobile vending regulations. During lunch, 17 truckers will park in Farragut Square, but they won't serve food. The idea is to show the public what it would be like under the proposed rules, which they argue would push many operators out of downtown and could cause some to go out of business or leave the city altogether.

The "Day Without a Food Truck" stunt is part of the Food Truck Association Metropolitan's aggressive grassroots campaign. You might also spot ads on Metro buses with the hashtag #saveDCfoodtrucks. The organization has been asking the public for $5 donations to help fund marketing materials for its cause.

And it's not just the food trucks amping up their game before  the D.C. Council committee public hearing on Friday. Tensions seem to be heating up all sides. The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington sent out an email on Friday, supporting the regulations and arguing that food truck operators have exaggerated the harmful effects of potential new rules.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    I'm very particular about eating food from food trucks because some of the trucks may not be sanitized and clean. Hepatitis and tuberculosis is on the rise in the United States and some food servers don't practice good sanitary behavior. I rather prepare my own lunch and bring it to work.

  • Mavel_ous

    You are wise to watch after your own health - cause the same diseases you are talking about, can also be gotten from your favorite restaurant. Please know that trucks are inspected MORE OFTEN than restaurants. They are inspected on their vehicles AS WELL as their kitchens.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    I agree, Mavel_ous. I'm careful about eating at restaurants too because their are nasty people that prepare the food in the kitchen.

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