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How Big Is Your Sausage? Measure Up at B Too

Racy restroom art is nothing new, but it seems every new restaurant is trying to one-up the last with provocation while you pee. The latest example: B Too, the modern Belgian bistro coming to Logan Circle in May from Belga chef Bart Vandaele.

The men's restroom has the silhouette of a man with a cleaver on the door. Inside, guys will find a series of sausages above the toilet, ranging in size from Vienna to Kielbasa (complete with a ruler). The women's restroom, which has a milk maid on the door, displays cow udders with the descriptions "very tight," "tight attachment," "intermediate attachment," "loose attachment," and "very loose."

"Why not?" Vandaele says of the art. "I wanted to definitely have something a little bit shocking."

Check out more images of the restrooms and the dining room below.

Photos by Jessica Sidman

  • 345678

    "Udders," not "utters."

  • Jessica Sidman

    Oy! good call. fixed now.

  • Novatronic


  • Jim Ed

    Maybe it's because I have the maturity of a child, or the inclusion of the U shaped Kielbasa, but this totally makes me think its supposed to measure your poop instead of your peener. That could lead to some really fun Yelp pictures.

  • Ben

    Whoah, this is totally edgy and in my face!

  • Poochie

    Dearest Ben,
    Nice reference to me.

    I have to go now. My planet needs me.

  • KatMere

    Really not interested in going to B Too solely because of the ladies' room art. It's off-putting.