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Basement Tavern Jackpot Coming to Chinatown

Iron Horse Taproom and Rocket Bar co-owners Curt Large and Geoff Dawson are opening a bar called Jackpot in the basement space below Lime Fresh (formerly Potbelly) at 726 7th St. NW.

Large, who's also a partner in RippleNanny O'Briens, and Arlington's Continental, says the 1,800-square-foot space will have a "warm comfortable neighborhood feel" with occasional live music. Menu and design details haven't been ironed out yet, but Large says there will be a focus on craft beers and whiskey. He's hoping to have a different vibe from Iron Horse and Rocket Bar—and no games. "It's about a place to hang out," he says.

Jackpot is scheduled to open this fall.


Photo via Google Maps

  • Unsilent

    Hey, that sounds like exactly what Chinatown could use for before and after trips to Verizon Center.

  • Jim Ed

    Sounds cool in theory, but I imagine it'll be awfully hard to have a neighborhood feel when it's packed elbow to elbow before and after VC events. Nothing wrong with more places to drink, though.

  • Kev29

    Fingers crossed that they bring over that patented sweat socks aroma from their other basement bars!

  • AmyAnderson

    Anything hidden in plain sight sounds intriguing… I'm in.