Young and Hungry

The U Street Taco

In Philadelphia, it’s called the South Street Taco. The alcohol-sopping, artery-clogging invention consists of a cheesesteak from Jim’s Steak wrapped in a jumbo slice from Lorenzo’s Pizza. It seems an injustice that D.C. doesn’t have its own assemble-it-yourself, Guy Fieri–slaughtering sloppy drunk food. So, we’ve created our own variation: the U Street Taco. Proceed with caution.

1. Drink three to four beers.

2. Get a chili half smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl. (You’ll want to go here first, so your pizza doesn’t get cold waiting in the long line.)

3. Walk across the street and buy a giant slice of pizza from Jumbo Pizza.

4. Wrap your half smoke inside the pizza to create the taco.

5. Take a jumbo bite.

Video starring Jonathan L. Fischer, filmed and edited by Jessica Sidman, who took a bite, too:


  1. Rock Master Scott

    3 to 4 beers? I thought you were suppose to be drunk before you started making food concoctions like this.

  2. #2

    6. Find a bathroom. Fast.

  3. #3

    @Rock Master Scott, you're right. It should say 3 to 4 beers MINIMUM.

  4. #4

    Don't forget a pint of Pepto

  5. #5

    This sounds awesome. No joke!

  6. #6

    Should have gotten this dude hammered first. Maybe off some DC Brau just to make the whole thing come full circle. Also, videos of drunk people eating are always a good time.

  7. #7

    I would totally hate to be this guy's roommate that shares the bathroom.

  8. #8

    And this is why half the people in this town are 20lbs to heavy.

  9. #9

    7. Be eighteen or under.

  10. #10

    20 lbs to heavy is a pretty big range. So half the people in this town are under 20 lbs?

  11. #11

    Here's the problem -- you are doing a huge disservice to Ben's by wrapping it in a nasty jumbo slice. You are better off doubling down on the half smokes and chili cheese fries.

  12. #12 read my mind, LOL.

  13. #13

    @JGDC- imagine if that roommate left a deuce in the toilet and left for a few weeks. Might be some probation in his future...

  14. #14

    I think I'd call this concoction Ben's Toilet Bowl To Go

  15. #15

    But what does this have to do with U Street?

  16. #16

    If you like eating like that knock yourself out. Bens operation has stood alone for decades I would not mess it up that way

  17. #17

    I love that the first thought us DC drunks had was "3 to 4 beers?"

  18. #18

    6. Proceed to rooftop of The Ellington to enjoy the construction debris while you sop up your alcohol and hate yourself, simultaneously.

  19. #19

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