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TD Burger Coming to NoMa

Back in January, Y&H reported that season 7 Top Chef contestant and native Washingtonian Timothy Dean was looking to bring his burger and pizza joint TD Burger to D.C. Now, ANC Commissioner Tony Goodman brings word that Dean has signed a lease at 250 K St. NE, which was previously home to Zuppa Fresca. (Hat tip to the District Cuisine blog.)

Dean confirmed the news to Y&H and says he's aiming for a mid-June opening. The chef, who previously ran the now-shuttered Prime Steakhouse in Baltimore and worked many years with famed D.C. chef Jean-Louis Palladin, says the nearly 3,000-square-foot space will include a patio and bar with 55 to 60 seats. He already has a TD Burger location at the Boulevard at the Capital Centre in Largo, Md.

The NoMa restaurant will serve burgers, Neapolitan-style pizzas, sandwiches, and milkshakes (including alcoholic ones). Dean says he also looking to add six to eight salads to the menu and plans to have "yappy hours" on the patio where neighbors can bring their dogs.

As for his previous promise to name one of the burgers after a D.C. councilmember, Dean says he plans to put it to a vote with diners. Marion Barry burger or Jim Graham burger? You decide.

Photo via Bravo

  • Lisa

    Oh yippee. Burgers and pizza and sandwiches. In DC. How original.

  • SWMLuvah

    More burgers?

  • Mike

    More burgers.

    Also pizza for novelty. Maybe they can even make this overpriced, while they have the originality train running.

  • grubscout

    Yes, but a dog happy hour.....come on folks this place is gonna be I tell you!

  • Susan

    This is great - NoMa needs a restaurant like this. Perhaps the burger should be named after our former Mayor Anthony Williams who is being honored with an award from BizNow. Otherwise, Tommy Wells is the councilmember for NoMa - logical choice?

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  • monkeyrotica

    "The Jim Graham" = Two pasty white buns filled to the rim with spicy, Latino beefcake.

  • Novatronic

    Well Done Monkey! Glad I wasn't taking a sip of my coffee when I read that or I'd be getting out the paper towels!

  • Mesa Arizona Photographer

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  • Hellaphant

    I just hope this guy takes lessons on customer service before setting up shop in this area! His food is DELICIOUS however, he seems oblivious to rudimentary customer interaction and service. I frequent his bar in Largo very often. Many times he's there but he never ever speaks to his customers. It seems that he either doesn't care that you're eating there instead of across the street or he doesn't need the business. Again, marvelous food so much so that I'm willing to overlook his personality to savor it. Customer service isn't "bad" it's just not what I expect from a place that I've rarely seen full of people. I do wish him much success.