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Pepe Food Truck Drops $20 Sandwich Amid Ibérico Ham Shortage

Pepe's $20 Pepito de Ibérico flauta—one of D.C.'s most legendary (and expensive) food truck items—is no longer on the menu. Turns out Think Food Group has run out of the cut of Ibérico ham used for the sandwich, which also includes Serrano ham, roasted green peppers, caramelized onions, and aioli.

Pepe chef Sean Wheaton says the Pepito calls for chuletero Ibérico—the center cut rack, which they cut the ribs off of to leave a boneless center loin. But Think Food Group's Spanish importer didn't anticipate the demand for the tender cut of meat and didn't bring enough chuletero last season.

"I like to think it was all Pepe's fault, that the Pepito Ibérico was so popular we ran them out of their year's quota in under six months," Wheaton says. "We're working with them to find out when they expect to be able to bring more chuletero in. And when they do, we fully expect to start selling Pepito Iberico's again."

In the meantime, try the Serrano ham and Manchego cheese flauta. It's only $10.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • dave b

    I used to get prosciutto on sandwiches. But then I figured why dilute this delicious ham? Now I just get prosciutto from the store and eat it with bread or cheese alternately or in combo. I get more prosciutto for the buck that way.

    I figure if something cost $20/lb or $80/lb like Iberico, why mess with it? It's like mixing expensive wine with seltzer or something

  • Wackerly Smith

    Wow,,,looking so delicious

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