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What Food Options Are Coming to CityMarket at O?

Earlier today, Y&H broke the news that Dolci Gelati is slated to open a cafe at CityMarket at O in Shaw. Two full-service restaurants and the city's largest grocery store are also part of the million-square-foot retail and residential development, located between O and P streets and 7th and 9th streets NW.

Roadside Development's Jeff Edelstein says they're in talks with four local restaurant groups about taking over a glass-enclosed 4,400-square-foot space with large outdoor patio. He says they're hoping to bring in a casual restaurant—the type of spot that neighborhood diners might visit two to three times a week. The developer is trying to lock down a tenant in the next 30 to 60 days.

The second yet-to-be-determined restaurant will be part of the 184-room Cambria Suites hotel. There are also three additional retail spaces in the development.

But the biggest food attraction will a 78,000-square-foot Giant grocery store, which spans an entire block. The historic O Street Market is incorporated into the Giant and will house the seafood counter, produce section, and meat deli. The Giant will not only be the largest grocery store in the city, but also the company's flagship store. Expect more upscale touches like a sushi bar and coffee bar.

Giant will be the first part of the CityMarket at O development to open. It's scheduled to debut in November.

CORRECTION: The development is called CityMarket at O, not CityMarket and O as was previously reported.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • Guest

    So the Giant will have all the features of... basically every other grocery store these days?

  • Tosspot forTommy

    "So the Giant will have all the features of... basically every other grocery store these days?"

    Yes, but they will be flagship services...

  • Lisa

    Very exciting development for the area but the name in the news is often incorrect in a variety of ways, in your case you use 'and O'; it's CityMarket 'at O'.

  • Jessica Sidman

    @Lisa Good catch. I've just posted a correction.

  • jburka

    No, the historic building shell they've preserved will have those features. This is actually newsworthy and interesting; I've been wondering how they'd make use of the shell of the old market. I'd rather have a Wegmans, but this has still got to be better than the Giant it's replacing.

  • yup

    @jburka - ANYTHING is better than the Giant it's replacing.

  • Novatronic

    Glass-enclosed? Isn't this the neighborhood where feral youth throw rocks?

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