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BlackSalt Restaurant Launches Its Own Car Service

Looks like taxis and Uber have some new competition. The latest restaurant amenity? Car service.

BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant is launching an in-house car service tonight that will transport diners in the D.C. area to and from Jeff Black's Palisades eatery. The town cars will run from 5:30 until 11:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday nights and will cost $10 to $30, depending on the distance. The driving radius will include downtown, U Street NW, Adams Morgan, Arlington, and Bethesda neighborhoods.

The restaurant decided to adapt the service because of the high volume of taxi requests from diners and the irregular service of local cab companies. On weekends, BlackSalt gets 10 to 15 requests for cabs. “Our guests would be left waiting, and after a certain point, the staff would end up giving guests rides home in their own cars,” says BlackSalt general manager Jim Sole in a press release.

Diners can book the cars up to a month in advance by calling the restaurant at (202) 342-9101.

UPDATE: BlackSalt isn't the only restaurant with car service. Marcel's has a car that transports diners to and from the Kennedy Center for free.

  • DC

    Doesn't Marcel's do something like this? I always see a car with a license plate that says "MARCELS" on it. I assume it shuttles diners.

  • Jessica Sidman

    @DC That is a good question, I will find out!

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  • William Ogle

    Taxi service in DC is pathetic. After waiting 3 1/2 hours for a cab at Providence Hospital ER I gave up and called Barwood Taxi. I had him drive me across the line into Maryland, then turn around and take me home. After that I always call for a cab from Maryland or Virginia to take me either to my destination or home. Which one I call depends on where I am in DC at the point of pick-up.

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  • Derek

    Why not use Uber?

  • Novatronic

    A friend used Uber to get home from the airport the other day, and really liked it. She was transported in an Audi Quaatro by a professional driver, who was waiting for her outside (they have a smartphone app)and the cost was similar enough to one of the typical cabs to make it worthwhile.

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