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The Elroy Coming to H Street NE

Karl Graham, a partner in New York Avenue Beach Bar, is bringing a new bar and tavern called The Elroy to 1423 H St. NE. He hopes it will open at the end of May.

Graham, who's also a general contractor, tells Y&H the name refers to the Jetsons character and that The Elroy will be a "futuristic bar." As for what exactly that means, Graham is keeping the details under wraps for now. He also describes the spot as "a nice little neighborhood bar where you come in and people know your name." The two-story space is located a quarter mile from where Graham grew up.

The Elroy will specialize in cocktails in "fancy glasses, really crazy cocktail glasses," Graham says. There will also be a limited bar menu with five to 10 items—"nothing extravagant."

Although Graham is transferring the liquor license from New York Avenue Beach Bar, he clarifies that the beach concept will not be reincarnated on H Street NE. In fact, New York Avenue Beach Bar isn't coming back. Hogo and The Passenger owner Tom Brown, who was also a partner in the beach bar, sold his share of the business at the end of last season.

  • Alan J. Kuperman

    Finally, after more than two decades, our band -- The Elroys -- will have a place to call home! 😉

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  • Sancho

    How wonderful! Just what H street needs, another place that sells overpriced drinks.

  • Slowerhand

    Please hire "The Elroys" for your opening night! It would be,as we say in the islands, the "Boom Shot!"

  • Hugh Jass

    When I think of The Elroys, I think of Cool "Disco" Dan, 15 Minutes Club, Sharon Pratt Kelly, Andalusian Dog, and all the cute girls that used to dance at their shows... they should definitely become the house band!

  • Novatronic

    I'd love a bar like "The Satellite" in the "Crime Story" TV show.

  • Tom A.

    I doubt they will be serving much food as their hours are 11pm to 3am. And with those hours, it wont feel like a nice little neighborhood bar. But welcome, Elroy!

  • Jessica Sidman
  • Leira Marks

    I went to The Elroy on Saturday. I think I will make a great addition to H Street corridor. While, they have some kinks to workout, such as completing the menu and drink list, I think that The Elroy will uplift that block. Since the hours are 4-3 am, it will make a great happy hour spot and a great spot after a concert at Atlas. The owner is super cool and takes a great deal of pride in his business. Good luck and welcome to H Street!

  • MAYO

    The one word....LIKE THAT, COME ON OUT AND ENJOY.