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Drink This: Estadio’s Pistachio Slushito

Slushies, especially alcoholic ones, are not just for sipping poolside. Estadio is serving a slushito with pistachio, sherry, and gin that's ideal for a snow day.

Bar manager Adam Bernbach says he'd played around with a pistachio soda for a sherry cocktail, but the idea didn't quite come together. Fast forward a few months later, and bartender Greg Kakaletris was looking for a new slushito recipe for the winter season. He really liked the pistachio and wanted to incorporate it.

The pistachios are blended with water and sugar to give the drink a milky color and creamy consistency. Plymouth Gin adds a lighter touch with juniper, citrus, and cardamom flavors, and Bernbach describes the Manzanilla Sherry as a "bright, citrusy, cutting sherry." The result is something reminiscent of egg nog, but not nearly as heavy.

The $9 drink will be on the menu until the end of March.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • Post Toastie

    Hmmm, drinking slushies in a Moorish prison, what a Midnight Express experience that would be.

    How is it that a slushie made with pistachio is "ideal" for a snow day? Do you stay awake at night thinking up shallow, stupid, trivial things to say?

    It looks like the stuff ypu drink before you have a colonoscopy.