Young and Hungry

Cocktail Guess: “I’m Heartbroken. Make Me a Drink.”

Where: The Heights, 3115 14th St. NW

Bartender Response: He suggested a high-proof beer and vodka cocktail.

What We Got: Moscow Mule with Ultimat Vodka, house ginger-lime syrup, and Gosling’s Ginger Beer.

Price: $9

How It Tasted: Like a ginger-y limeade.

Improv Points (1-5): 3. A high-proof drink is a common salve for heartbreak, but most members of the recently dumped would rather skip the syrup and ginger beer and go straight for the vodka.


Where: The Coupe, 3415 11th St. NW

Bartender Response: “Oh, yeah, we have a drink for that.”

What We Got: A “Bitter Ex” with Broker’s Gin, Ramazzotti Amaro, Aperol, and grapefruit juice

Price: $9

How It Tasted: Bitter! Italian liqueur Ramazzotti Amaro is less intense than Fernet Branca but still has bite. The Aperol and grapefruit juice kept the drink bright, while the considerable portion of gin helped us forget our romantic lot in life.

Improv Points (1-5): 3. The Bitter Ex is on The Coupe’s menu (which advises you to “slug it straight from the bottle”), but the name justified our bartender serving it to us.


Where: Nellie’s, 900 U St. NW

Bartender Response: “So, anything?”

What We Got: St-Germain, Chambord, Absolut Citron Vodka, lemon juice, and brut Champagne.

Price: $10

How It Tasted: St-Germain’s grapefruit and pear flavor stole our hearts.

Improv Points (1-5): 4. According to the bartender, the lemon represented the sourness of the breakup, while the Champagne, Chambord, and St-Germain delivered hope we might meet someone bubbly and sweet.

  • Argh!

    This column kills me every week. If WCP writers can't appreciate good booze like Ramazotti, just order a damn Rum & Coke and let bartenders make real drinks for the grownups.

    A Bitter Ex was a fine suggestion and $9 is a fair price for those labels!

  • Jane

    Agreeing with the above. This column is a good concept but the people carrying it out don't know the first freakin' thing about cocktails or liquor. Worse still is the completely arbitrary "rating" at the end of each one. If you had somebody with a clue going around town asking the same kinds of things and providing useful commentary, this might actually be worth reading.

    Seriously, WCP, has there ever been good feedback on this abysmal column?

  • JustJule

    Hey, you know what? I just started reading this column and I like it quite a lot. So there, you booze snobs. Not everything about booze has to be someone's idea of pretentious "appreciation." Cocktails and, therefore the writing about cocktails, should be fun. Or why shell out 10 bucks a drink? Keep up the good work. Bait the haters.