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Bardo Brewpub Considering Squat Toilets for Women

Should the women's restroom at forthcoming Bardo brewpub have squat toilets? There's been a, uh, stream of comments responding to the idea since co-owner Bill Stewart posed the question on Facebook.

"Okay Females!," he writes. "We are trying to set up the Women's bathroom to make everyone happy. question for today... Would ladies use / prefer SQUAT toilets (the kind they use in Asia) with these, women don't have to sit on dirty toilet seats. comments please! thanks."

Yes, Stewart tells Y&H, this is a serious question. He explains that his brother/business partner Andrew has always had a problem with the women's toilets. Their thinking: Most women hover over the toilet, and then they pee on the seats, making other women cranky about pee on the seats. "Just trying to make the girls happy," Bill says. "I don't frequent many women's restrooms, so I have no idea what would make them happy, but I am willing to try whatever they like."

So, ladies, what do you think?

Photo courtesy Bill Stewart

  • yuk

    Yes, combining booze and a hole on the floor - perfect!

    Gross bathrooms escalate fast (if the room's nasty, we care less about tidy & more about quick). If you're serious about avoiding dirty seats, have 'em cleaned. A lot.

  • andrea nicole

    i lived in japan during high school and had to use these from time to time. they're the worst and you just end up with wet ankles. not something i'd want to revisit.

  • Stander

    I'm a dude, but my experience with these was fine except that the pads for the feet tend to get covered with dirt and grime, which is dark, kinda like........

    Good question though.

  • Ward One Resident

    Used these in Thailand and if you aren't a regular user, they aren't as easy to use as you would think. I have to agree with Yuk, if you keep your bathroom maintained and clean throughout your business hours, women are going to be less inclined to "hover."

    And while we're on this topic, unisex bathrooms are the worst thing in the world. They always reek more of pee than any women's room I've ever been in...ugh.

  • SWMLuvah


    To clarify: NO!

  • Will

    Split the baby, do one stall with squat toilet, one with standard, then you can monitor the experiment by judging the length of the respective queus for each during busy times.

  • binkbok

    My wife complained about these when we were in Turkey last year.

    My sense is that you don't want women to remember Bardo for the toilets.

    That said, I think it's very cool that you asked.

  • Frequent Bathroom User

    There are two reasons why women hover over a toilet: 1, it's visibly dirty; 2, they're too drunk to do anything else. So the solutions are: 1, keep the bathrooms clean (as has been mentioned); and 2, if a chick is visibly intoxicated, maybe giving her some water and cutting off the booze could help. The bathrooms don't need to be spit-shined sparkling but on a regular basis, some staffer should be in there sweeping and, if necessary, mopping the floor; replenishing TP, paper towels and soap; and emptying the trash. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the bathroom of a bar (not pointing fingers at Bardo) and been utterly disgusted by the overflowing trash cans and no toilet paper so women are using paper towels, which clog up the toilet. Totally gross.

  • jen

    the kind of idea that could only be floated by a man. any woman who is cranky over pee on the seat is probably going to be ENRAGED if the seat is entirely missing.

    and, as someone who has taken high school health and knows that you can't get any diseases from a toilet seat, and therefore doesn't hover in general, i'd much rather wipe off with TP and be able to sit down for 5 seconds than try to squat and aim in high heels, 3 drinks into the night.

  • Julia

    I think it's an interesting solution to a common problem. I don't hover, I hate doing it. But the usual solution is the have those stupid paper seat covers available (which are great as emergency toilet paper). Yeah, it's more expensive and is bad for the environment, but no tinkle-covered seats is a plus.
    I've only been able to squat on a toilet if I take my pants and underwear all the way off. So I don't know how the fuck a drunk person is going to be able to maneuver around a squat toilet.
    I think you should go with Will's idea of offering both and seeing what happens.

  • celine robbins

    Try doing that with pants on OR even better skinny jeans and leggings. If you're not a contortionist something is bound to get wet.

    I came across a squat toity in a cafe in Paris. Realizing I had not stretched that morning, I quickly went to the nearest hotel

  • Novatronic

    As long as your legs are in olympic condition, sure! But seriously, no. Just have regular potties with decent brands of "gaskets", not the ones that are toilet-paper thin. And put decent toilet paper in there too, please!