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Cool Disco Donut Changes Name to Zeke’s D.C. Donutz

Cool Disco Donut in Dupont hasn't even opened yet, but it already has a new name: Zeke's D.C. Donutz.

While owner Aaron Gordon says the name was an homage to '80s D.C. graffiti artist Cool 'Disco' Dan, there's been some online controversy about the doughnut shop co-opting the artist's fame.

Gordon says he grew up in D.C. in the '80s, and the last thing he wanted to do was disrespect Cool "Disco" Dan. "I thought it would be whimsical and fun and silly," he says. "But in the last couple of hours since the name was announced yesterday, there's been a number of people saying that it disrespects the legend of Cool 'Disco' Dan … As a doughnut shop, we really want to make people happy."

Juan Pineda, who painted the graffiti art in the shop adds, "It's just caused a lot of grief and confusion, so we're changing the name."

The new name is Gordon's middle name, which he went by as a kid. The doughnut shop is still set to open tomorrow at 2029 P St. NW from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Look out for 12 varieties of doughnuts—six glazed, four filled, and two savory. Among the flavors: peanut butter bacon and ancho Mexican chocolate.

And despite the name change, the graffiti will stay.

CORRECTION: The shop is called Zeke's D.C. Donutz with a "z" at the end, not Donuts as was originally reported.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery. Additional reporting by Will Sommer.

  • Guest

    Hopefully there won't be confusion between this place and D.C./Baltimore coffee company Zeke's (which serves doughnuts itself at farmers' and holiday markets in D.C.). Although it would be nice if the new doughnut shop served their coffee.

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  • Steve

    I'm glad they realized how disrepectful they were. Add this to the list of "Stuff White DC Gentrifiers Like"; namely, Swagger Jacking.

  • scotty

    They should have a loyalty program for their morning customers who stop in before work. They could call it "The 8:30 Club"

  • drez

    They should have first explored a licensing deal. Shame on them.

  • Steven Faith

    The graffiti should be replaced with a commissioned piece by Cool "Disco" Dan.

  • Mahajohn

    I wonder if they realize that a donut shop in that location is destined to die a painful business death unless their donuts are $1.00 or less.

  • Wrack

    @ Mahajohn: WTF? At 20th and P? Yeah, no affluence there.

  • yeahyeahyeah

    "the graffiti will stay" if it's legal it's not graffiti.

  • asad ULTRA walker

    If youre interested in Cool "Disco" Dan please feel free to visit our FB page at

  • The Java Master

    Nothing cool about the vandal disco dan. Too many of us got tired of seeing his tags and other shit go up in our neighborhoods. He helped make our neighborhood and our city look trashy.

    Thinking people don't give a shit what the damn donut shop is called.

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  • Mike Hawke

    re: "I'm glad they realized how disrepectful they were. Add this to the list of "Stuff White DC Gentrifiers Like"namely, Swagger Jacking."

    Um, if you read the article, Steve, Gordon states quite clearly that he grew up in DC in the '80's. Hardly a "gentrifier".

  • Keith Greene

    Very disappointing experience - I bought two donuts - one chocolate glazed and one peanut butter & bacon. They were both delicious, BUT they were put in the same bag with a sheet of "plastic wrap" in between, with the chocolate on the bottom. When I got home and opened the bag and removed the two donuts, all of the chocolate icing came off of the chocolate donut - what a waste.

    My suggestion? Put them in separate bags! I don't wanna hear about the cost - the donuts are $2.75 apiece!

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  • ghuntgdin

    @yeahyeahyeah -- yeah, good point...I wonder what the literal translation from Italian means

    @The Java Master -- Meanwhile, your language makes this comment board look trashy.

    @Mike Hawke -- One can certainly go from an affluent neighborhood to a poor neighborhood and gentrify, while continuously residing in the same city.

  • Charles

    I don't know if anyone will read this, but two things I must say:

    1) Unless Daniel Hogg, the alleged mastermind behind all the Cool "Disco" Dan graffiti, owns some kind of trademark on that phrase, the doughnut shop has every right to call themselves Cool Disco Donuts.

    2) What are people worried about the disrespect of somebody who was anything but respectful himself with all the graffiti he did? Please...