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STK Steakhouse Is Coming to D.C.

STK Steakhouse is taking over the Dupont space formerly occupied by Casa Nonna at 1250 Connecticut Ave. NW.

The modern steakhouse chain first opened in New York and now has locations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, and London. According to a press release, the restaurant and "chic lounge" targets a female audience and uses the tagline "Not Your Daddy's Steakhouse." The menu features small, medium, and large cuts of meat, as well as seafood, salads, and "healthy sides for sharing."

Photo via STK Steakhouse


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    I want to hate on this, but the thing is that the default for steakhouse is this obnoxious "guys night out vibe" so anything less shitty than that is an improvement in my book.

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    The only thing more obnoxious than a "guys night out vibe" is a "girls night out vibe."

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    I have two words for you: Buddha Bar. These obnoxious, clubby restaurant concepts that do so well in New York, Vegas and London? Not so successful here.

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    Yeah, too many women in fungus-colored clothing and Birkenstocks in DC.

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    Is STK steak house opening in DC? When? Thanks

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    Just walked past the location and literally screamed of happiness as I ran across the street to read the sign in the window! As a life-long NYer, I've been having a lot of trouble adjusting to DC and hopefully this will help!

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    I had the worse experience ever at STK DC today. However, I can honestly say my first STK DC visit on Sunday, April 27, 2014; our service and food was impeccable. However, today was a disaster from the hostess shenanigans with seating us to the impolite waitress (light skin, tall, medium size, dark-hair young lady) with a high ponytail/bun. Whom I witnessed and overheard the waitress talking about my husband and I because we requested a booth. Nevertheless, she was very rude and unprofessional as I seen her pointing us out to her colleagues. The black male colleague immediately looked at us as the waitress whispered and I happen to make eye contact with her and she quickly walked away and never returned to take our order. Furthermore, she sent another waiter over to take our order who happen to be very pleasant. Unfortunately, the service was terrible from being seated by the hostess (blonde- hair  young lady)  who took it upon herself to brag about the upcoming rush of the 400 customers that made reservations for the evening to witnessing the waitress rude, disrespectful, unwelcoming conduct. I wasn't going to stay and patronize an establishment that was disrespectful and rude. Therefore, my husband and I left and had dinner elsewhere and we won't be returning to STK DC.

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