Young and Hungry

We All Scream for Egg Creams

Old school egg creams are making a comeback. At least three new eateries, including DGS Delicatessen and Farmers Fishers Bakers, offer the New York soda shop classic. In particular, mixologist Gina Chersevani of Buffalo & Bergen in Union Market has gone to great lengths to perfect the drink, even bringing in a custom soda machine from an old Woolworth’s in Chicago. She explains what makes a proper egg cream.

Graphic by Jandos Rothstein

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  • RachaelB

    It's great post. Just miss having soda with cream for snacks. This made me remember the times when I was in high school. Hehehe

  • anon

    looks delicious, but really, all you need is seltzer, u-bet, and whole milk for a real NY egg cream (the kind you'd typically find in NY)

  • S T

    Anise? Ancho chili? Not in an egg cream!