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Are You Gonna Eat That? Et Voila!’s Mussel Burger

The Dish: Mussel Burger

Where to Get It: Et Voila, 5120 MacArthur Blvd. NW; (202) 237-2300;

Price: $15.95

What It Is:  A mussel patty with aioli and fried onions on a seedless brioche bun. Served with sweet potato fries.

What It Tastes Like: A departure from your average yawn-inducing burger. Steamed and coarsely chopped mussels are formed into a patty with scallop mousse, then topped with an aioli made of lobster bisque and saffron. This light, airy burger has the spring of a veggie burger but with way more flavor and personality than tofu.

The Story:  “Everyone was doing lamb burgers, lobster burgers, shrimp burgers,” says owner/chef Claudio Pirollo. “I said, ‘I need to come up with something more Belgian style.’”

How to Eat It: With both hands and great relish (figuratively speaking). It’s a juicy one!

Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito

  • BW

    No where in the section to describe what the burger tastes like, is there actual description of taste.

  • Sam

    BW, your comment is right on.

    But I will say that I have eaten one of these mussel burgers and it was really good. The taste is similar to fried oysters (not so surprising I guess) - good funk of the ocean - and the fried onions add nice texture in that same way as frying oysters.

  • Name

    What do you think a mussel burger tastes like? Do you need to be told a beef burger tastes like beef?

  • AS

    @Sam, How do mussels taste like oysters? Don't mussels taste like, I don't know, mussels? That's like saying lamb tastes like goat. No, it tastes like LAMB.

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