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Bacon, Not Stirred: Cocktails for Carnivores

Meat is no longer just what’s for dinner. Now, it’s what you drink, too. From veal to venison to foie gras, bartenders are finding ways to create cocktails with ingredients typically only found on the plate. In the age of experimental mixology and whole-animal dining, it seems no ingredient is off-limits. Here’s a look at some protein-heavy items on drink menus around D.C.

Graphic by Carey Jordan

  • Jane

    I love the bar at Bourbon Steak but that foie gras-infused drink sounds disgusting. Could we get reviews of these?

  • Jessica Sidman

    @Jane Haven't tried them all, but I did try the foie gras armagnac... It's a heavy drink. It's about 2 ounces but I couldn't finish it. You can definitely taste the foie gras especially on the end and in the after taste... It's interesting, for sure, but overall I think I'd rather eat my foie gras than drink it.

    I've also tried the Vegan Sacrifice. The meat flavor is much more subtle. In fact, I'm not sure I'd know the ice was made from veal stock if it didn't say so. This is a more drinkable drink. It's got a really nice kick to it from the ginger and cayenne.

  • K

    I haven't tried it myself, but my boyfriend absolutely *adores* Toki Underground's Pork Belly cocktail. He gets it every time we go there. I prefer their gin-and-seaweed-foam concoction myself, I think it is called the Seabreeze?

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  • andrea nicole

    A+ on the headline