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Reservation-Only “Speakeasy” Harold Black Will Open Tuesday

Y&H now has more details on Harold Black, the new "speakeasy" that Acqua Al 2's owners will open above their Eastern Market restaurant at 212 7th St. SE on Tuesday.

Co-owner Ari Gejdenson tells Y&H that Harold Black is the name of his grandfather. "He was quite a Washingtonian, and he was a historian," Gejdenson says. "We wanted to create a space in remembrance of him." The 1920s-style bar consists of a total of 26 seats, including four booths. Gejdenson says they've tried to make the space look like someone's home.

Former Palena bar manager Maro Stanicic, who's also worked at Local 16 and Sonoma, will man the bar. His cocktail menu will consist of nine $14 "Elixirs." (Check out the full selection above.) There will also be a small selection of wines and beers as well as spirits in groups of four (four gins, four tequilas, four scotches, etc.).

Suna chef Johnny Spero will supply the bar snacks ($6-9), which include pastrami beef tongue wrapped around a crostini, bar nuts with almonds fried in brown butter, a pickle plate, and puffed pork skins and vegetables (including fennel, beet, and potato crackers).

The speakeasy will be reservation-only. Guests will be able to make reservations by texting a number that will be released sometime in the next few days.

UPDATE 1/8/13: Harold Black has lowered the price of its cocktails from $14 to $12.

  • gloomingdale

    Screw you $14 cocktail trend.

  • Tobin

    gloomingdale - Thanks for saying what the rest of us were thinking. I thought that $12 cocktails were offensive, but we're nearing the point where a bottle of rye will be less than the cost of a mixed drink. It's absurd.

  • Been there done that

    The "elixirs" sound weird. What's wrong with a proper gin martini? Good quality bourbon and branch? Are people so bored that they have tp pay $14 for strange experiments to keep their interest?
    This place sounds like somebody's ego trip.

  • Jane

    I'm one of the biggest fans of the Columbia Room so this should be right up my alley, but none of these sound particularly good. Or am I crazy?

  • yeah
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  • abuemma

    The only reason to pay a bar tender to mix my drink, as far as I can see, is because s/he comes up with creative combinations I wouldn't think of, that sound bad on paper, and work out brilliantly. If I want a scotch, I'll buy myself a fine bottle, invite friends over, and drink it. Don't need to pay double for someone else to pour it. Same if I want a glass of gin poured in the vicinity of a bottle of vermouth.

    So I see how there can - if it works - be a point to $14 cocktails. What I don't see is any possible point in $8 mixed drinks.

  • name

    Can I nurse a $14 cocktail for an hour without listening to some dumbsh-- 28 year old talk about dumbsh-- 28 year old BS? Is it relatively clean without a 1/8" layer of swill on the floor and sticky tables? Is everyone properly dressed and no one is sh--faced?

    Then I'm IN for 2.

    Now if only no MD dipsh--s beat me into a coma on the walk home it will be utopia.

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  • Yums

    I went there for the first time today and loved it! Great vibe! I had 2 cocktails and they were delicious! Love Love this place. And to y'all who are complaining about cocktail prices, 14$ is the standard price for a well concocted cocktail which this place has. Stay home you cheap bastards.

  • Dig it

    Went in a little skeptical. I've been down that road of BS bartenders acting like D!ck$ and overcharging. Super surprised the bartender was cool and laid back. The drinks were $12 each not $14, didn't ask about this. I use to be a bartender, they are putting somewhere between 3 and 4 ounces in each drink. So $12... all day long.