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Will The Passenger and Hogo Be Displaced by New Development?

Housing Complex reporter Aaron Wiener reports the startling news this afternoon that The Passenger and soon-to-open rum bar and restaurant Hogo could close in a year to make room for a development from the Douglas Development Corporation.

Douglas is under contract to buy the properties and a string of storefronts along 7th Street, says the company's Paul Millstein. He says construction along the strip will begin in "maybe a year." He says he doesn't foresee the bars staying.

The Passenger and Hogo co-owner Paul Ruppert declined to comment. "I think this is between Douglas Development and ourselves," he tells Housing Complex. "I don't think this is something for a newspaper."

When asked about staying open more than a year, Ruppert repeated, "I think this is between Douglas Development and ourselves."

Y&H also reached out to The Passenger and Columbia Room mixologist Derek Brown about the future of the establishments. "No comment," Brown says. "We're business as usual."

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • Kevin

    This is terrible news. I derive so much benefit by living very near to The Passenger. So great is my affection for it, that my condo purchase was influenced by this proximity by an amount greater than zero. If I had to take the Metro to get to it--or, worse, it ceased to exist at all--I would most likely become an embittered, eternal foe of Douglas Corp.

  • monkeyrotica

    These guys made a deal with Doug Jemal. Pray he alters it no further. They'll be lucky to escape with their genitals intact.

  • Greg

    I suppose this is the risk that I every establishment bears when they rent out space. Fortunately, there are plenty of nearby possibilities to relocate. I think that the Passenger has made a great name for itself in the time that it's been at its current location. My sympathy goes out to those who live right by the Passenger now, but if the bar's owners are smart about choosing the next spot, they should hopefully not miss a beat.

  • Guy

    w/ever, Passenger and the Beach Bar were weak anyway, opened and run by clearly arrogant owners. I know nothing of Douglas development but I think just taking these buildings down would be an improvement.

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