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Name That Exposed Brick Wall

In 2012 restaurant design, we saw a lot of Edison light bulbs, communal tables, and reclaimed barn wood. But there is one trend that has reigned supreme over the past couple years: the exposed brick wall. We've seen it so much that it makes us want to hit our head against a… wall. In its […]

Ten Most Abused Foodie Terms of 2012

In this week's print column, we judged the best, worst, and weirdest in D.C. food this year. Among our "Hungries" awards was "most misused foodie term," which went to "speakeasy." But there are plenty of other phrases that were abused and overused in 2012 (and even yours truly is sometimes guilty). Here are ten terms […]

You’ll Never Eat in This Place Again

At least nine D.C.-area restaurants that had been in business for more than a decade shut down this year. Many had at least a few things in common—whether it was location, cuisine, or decor. Here’s a look at what’s gone and what they shared: Graphic by Carey Jordan

Brew In Town: Green Flash West Coast IPA

Green Flash West Coast IPA Where In Town: Rodman’s, 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW Price: $10.99/four-pack Winter Fail There is no winter ale less satisfying than one whose label reads “winter ale”—a style with no historical roots. Rather, it is the Hallmark card of the beer world, a bestseller dreamed up by marketing teams and infused […]

Are You Gonna Drink That? Fiola’s Venison Fat-Washed Whiskey Cocktail

The Drink: Deer in the Headlights Where to Get It: Fiola, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; (202) 628-2888; Price: $15 What It Is: A cocktail with venison fat-washed rye whiskey, Averna Amaro, and The Bitter Truth EXR herbal liqueur. It’s the color of dark aged leather. How It’s Made: After Fiola chefs cook venison for […]

The Hungries: The Best—and the Worst—of D.C. Restaurants in 2012

In 2012, Washingtonians finally got a bunch of things that have been on our food and drink wish lists for years. After more than a century, we have a legal gin-producing distillery: New Columbia Distillers. Finally (finally!), there’s a place to eat some decent matzo ball soup and pastrami, thanks to DGS Delicatessen. A great […]

A Round-Up of the Top 10 End-of-Year Food Round-Ups

2012: biggest disappointments [Thrillist] 2012's top dining world dramas [Washingtonian] The year's 10 most notable restaurant closings [Eater DC] 2012: the year in crazy restaurant receipts [Eater National] D.C.'s best dining newcomers of 2012 [Post] 2012: the year in made-up food words [Grub Street] D.C.'s 6 biggest restaurant trends of 2012 [Zagat] 2012 brunches: the […]

Brewhaha: Can Starbucks Prevent America From Going Off the Fiscal Cliff?

There's less than a week left for Congress to come to a compromise and prevent the country from hitting the so-called fiscal cliff. But so far, neither pleading from the president nor criticism from the media seem to be moving the needle on negotiations. Starbucks to the rescue? In an open letter posted on the […]

Name Bachelor Pad Star’s Bar

Remember that "ladies sports bar" that former Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad star Chris Bukowski is bringing to the Washington area? Well, now he's asking people to help him pick a name on Twitter. Bukowski's proposed names so far include Buk & Doe, Bracket Room, In Theory, Over-Under, ChangeUp, Rolecab, and Topher. Based on initial Twitter […]

Ted’s Bulletin Coming to Reston Town Center

Matchbox on 14th Street NW is less than a month old, and Ted's Bulletin is set to open a block away this spring. As if that (and another Matchbox location coming to Merrifield, Va., in March) wasn't enough, co-owner Drew Kim tells Y&H the restaurant group is finalizing a lease for a third Ted's Bulletin in […]