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Where Is D.C.’s Cupcake ATM?

There was quite a frenzy over the summer when the Post reported that Sprinkles planned to bring a 24-hour cupcake dispensing machine to D.C.

The California-based cupcakery already has one in Beverly Hills, and supposedly would install another in Georgetown in August. So, what the heck ever happened to our cupcake ATM?

A rep from Sprinkles says it is still coming but there is no updated ETA. Apparently, there have been delays in the manufacturing and design-planning process.

Looks like you'll have to keep buying your cupcakes the old-fashioned way for now, but stay tuned.

Photo courtesy Sprinkles


    What will be the charge for this item. FREDTERP

  • Jessica Sidman

    @FREDTERP According to the Post, $4. That's 50 cents more than buying it from the store.

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