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Spoiler! Which D.C. Top Chef Contestant Got Kicked Off for an Omelet?

Sorry, D.C. Top Chef fans, we're one local chef down after last night's premiere episode.

The competition starts with the contestants divided into groups and sent to the kitchens of Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Hugh Acheson. Each celebrity chef has determined his own test for the chefs to win their spots in Seattle.

Former Blackbyrd/The Brixton chef Jeffrey Jew ends up in Lagasse's restaurant, where he must make a soup. His chilled watermelon and tomato gazpacho passes with flying colors, earning him Lagasse's first pick for the competition. Meanwhile, Belga Café's Bart Vandaele is tasked with creating a "beautiful salad" in Acheson's kitchen. He also makes it onto the next round with his spiny lobster salad with beets, asparagus, and potatoes.

Seasonal Pantry's Dan O'Brien is not so lucky. Puck asks his group of contestants to cook him an omelet. O'Brien makes his with wild forest mushrooms, oysters, bacon, and pea salad. Wolfgang remarks that if he'd eaten it in the dark he would have like it, but the bacon grease and sloppy presentation ultimately send O'Brien packing. Goodbye, Dan.

O'Brien declined an interview request from Y&H, but he is already taking on his haters online. On Eater's comments page, he wrote:

To all the guests who post on this website. I love how you put me down and want to try to piss me off. Seasonal Pantry was started with $20,000.00 and in 545 day it has gotten

Best new business in shaw 20011
3 stars Washingtonion
2 1/2 stars washington post
5 stars on yelp with 32 reviews making us #1
3 national publications (2 times in the New York Times)
One hell of a loyal customer base

Point being I run and own my place
dislike what I do but before you judge me come take a look at my work for yourself.

On Twitter, O'Brien also posted a video of Jacques Pepin making an omelet in the same country style he did using bacon fat:

Photo via Bravo

  • LeslieKnope

    I love when Top Chef gives challenges that are so simple, but they end up being the most difficult challenge for a lot of the contestants. I can’t wait to see this season of Top Chef Seattle; I wasn’t really fond of Top Chef Texas, except for the Pee Wee Herman challenge, fun! I missed the first episode of Top Chef: Seattle because of my new work schedule at DISH. I had my Hopper set to record it, and when I get a free moment this weekend I can catch up. There is a ton of DVR recording room so I can record the full season without using much room. I’m looking forward to seeing Padma and her fabulous wardrobe this season, and I can never get enough of Tom Colicchio.

  • CookInDineOut

    I think the chefs get nervous and overthink how to make something simple like an omelet to try to impress the judges. Look how nice the Jacques Pepin example is above, which I assume is probably just eggs, butter, herbs and S&P. Compare that to O'Brien's messy creation above with, of all things, oysters?

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