Young and Hungry

Nose-to-Tail Population Control

To fight overpopulation, the National Park Service plans to start hunting deer in Rock Creek Park this winter. Officials plan to give the meat to local food banks. While the cull has been controversial with some animal rights groups, chef Robert Wiedmaier is all for it. The owner of Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck frequently features venison on his menu, and he’s an avid hunter, too. “I’m probably more of a conservationist than people who are anti-hunting,” he says. “Everything has to have a predator.” He’s got some ideas on how to make sure no part of the lean, high-protein meat goes to waste:

Illustration by Carey Jordan

  • ………

    Sounds tasty

  • DC Venison Week

    An idea:

    1st Annual DC Venison Week

    Local wild venison prepared by DC's top chefs, sold at slightly inflated prices, proceeds go to local charities: 1/2 to feed the hungry, 1/2 to animal welfare.

    Maybe even a culinary competition MC'd by Jose Andres/another DC chef.

    Everyone is a winner (except, alas, the culled deer):

    Restaurants get to market novelty - venison is the new duck - while leveraging it to give back.

    Charities get more bang for the buck. (ahem)

    Local foodies get to tweet: "This venison sausage tastes just like Rock Creek Park!" (nyc aimed ribbing withheld in solidarity)

    Jessica Sidman of course gets the scoop.

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    It only now occurs to me that there's an obvious official theme song for the Park Service's nocturnal deer killing: The Blackbyrds' "Rock Creek Park."

    You know: "Doin' it in the park/doin' it after dark/aw yeah/in Rock Creek Park/aw yeah/in Rock Creek Park." Perfect.

  • Rob W

    "Everything must have a predator."

    Does that include human beings?