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Another Ramen Shop Destined for Adams Morgan

A new ramen shop and izakaya called Taan Noodles is opening in Adams Morgan as soon as this weekend.

The owner declined to comment on details of the restaurant at 1817 Columbia Rd. NW (next to Cashion's Eat Place). But the eatery's website reveals that the kitchen will be helmed by chef Jonathan Bisagni, whose resume includes stints at Kushi Izakaya & Sushi, Morimoto in Waikiki, Hawaii, Sticky Rice, and Toki Underground. The menu will consist of kushiyaki (skewered meat), onigiri (rice balls), various small plates, and three types of ramen (pork, duck, and vegetarian).

Stay tuned for more details.

Photos by Jessica Sidman

  • kob

    I'd like to see Adams Morgan morph into an Asian restaurant center. It's on the path.

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  • SW

    Yay, onigiri!

    @kob: depends what kind of Asian restaurant. There are enough good Thai and Vietnamese restaurants already -- I want more authentic Japanese restaurants. It's one way I wish we were more like NYC.

    Full disclosure: I live in Annandale, so I could be biased.

  • Andrew

    Yay! So excited that it's a noodle place and not another sleezy bar! I love noodles and Adams Morgan has a dearth of affordable eateries (and a dearth of good Asian/noodles). Can't wait to go. I stopped by on Saturday night... they were handing out menus; I'll be back soon (and will review on yelp!).