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25 Restaurants Dropped From Tom Sietsema’s Fall Dining Guide

Tom Sietsema unleashed his annual fall dining guide today. The Post critic bestowed four stars upon Komi, CityZen, Inn at Little Washington, and Rasika Penn Quarter, and then massacred his list from last year. Here's who's up, down, in, and out:

Who's Up

Jaleo Penn Quarter (3 to 3.5)

Woodberry Kitchen (3 to 3.5)

Ethiopic (2 to 2.5)

Who's In

Little Serow (3.5 stars)

Blue Duck Tavern (3 stars)

Bombay Club (3 stars)

Bourbon Steak (3 stars)

Cashion's Eat Place (3 stars)

Central (3 stars)

Fiola (3 stars)

Mintwood Place (3 stars)

Rasika West End (3 stars)

Rogue 24 (3 stars)

The Source (3 stars)

Zaytinya (3 stars)

Izakaya Seki (2.5 stars)

Mio (2.5 stars)

Tabard Inn (2.5 stars)

Toki Underground (2.5 stars)

A&J Restaurant (2 stars)

Chez Billy (2 stars)

Family Meal (2 stars)

Gamasot (2 stars)

L'Auberge Chez Francois (2 stars)

La Limena (2 stars)

LacoMelza Ethio Cafe (2 stars)

Liberty Tavern (2 stars)

Red Truck Bakery and Market (2 stars)

Who's Out

Citronelle (4 stars last year, temporarily closed)

Palena Cafe (3.5 stars last year)

Bibiana (3 stars last year)

Birch & Barley (3 stars last year)

Marcel's (3 stars last year)

Sushi Taro (3 stars last year)

Ashby Inn (2.5 stars last year)

Atlas Room (2.5 stars last year)

Bangkok Golden Thai Restaurant (2.5 stars last year)

BlackSalt (2.5 stars last year)

Burma Road (2.5 stars last year)

Graffiato (2.5 stars last year)

Nostos (2.5 stars last year)

Perry's (2.5 stars last year)

Ripple (2.5 stars last year)

Virtue Feed & Grain (2.5 stars last year)

Fast Gourmet (2 stars last year)

Han Sung Oak Restaurant (2 stars last year)

La Canela (2 stars last year)

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza (2 stars last year)

R&R Taqueria (2 stars last year)

Ren's Ramen (2 stars last year)

Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen (2 stars last year)

Standard (2 stars last year)

Tavira (2 stars last year)

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that Sietsema dropped the rating for The Bistro at Restaurant Eve from 4 stars to 3.5 stars. In fact, the critic gave Restaurant Eve's Tasting Room (which he rates separately from The Bistro) 4 stars in last year's fall dining guide and did not include The Bistro at that time. This fall, he included The Bistro, but not the Tasting Room.  The last time Sietsema included The Bistro at Restaurant Eve in one of his dining guides, it received 3.5 stars.

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  • Abbey

    I agree with the decision to chop Virtue and Graffiato from the list, but Standard!?

  • Sam

    Not good for some

  • CookInDineOut

    Thank you for this careful analysis. "Out" doesn't necessarily mean it's not good anymore, right? Just not featured this year (he can only feature so many places).

  • Roger

    Ok, this isn't 'careful analysis', but to be fair, neither is Sietesma's. Is there some kind of methodology? Maybe, as a food writer, reach out to him and try to get that methodology? Of course you can't have a really rigorous approach to rating restaurants, but there should probably be some explanation about why Restaurant X over Y, particularly year to year. (Sigh), whatever. Help me out, Jessica.

  • Pete

    Your information for Restaurant Eve is incorrect. The Tasting Room at Resaurant Eve was dropped from this year's list. The Bistro at Restaurant Eve was added this year.

  • http://citypaper Dean

    A couple of misses...I am pretty sure that Rogue 24 was elevated to 3 stars from 2.5 as well as Rasika West End 3 stars from 2.5 and Bombay Club 3 stars from 2.5. What do you mean by massacred? Are you saying that these restaurants are no longer any good because of being left out from the guide? Interesting word choice to say the least.

  • Jessica Sidman

    @Dean this is just a comparison between last year's fall dining guide and this year's fall dining guide

  • Dan Margolis

    I cannot understand how Sietsema can ignore Tosca ,in my opinion one of the best restaurants in town for many years.