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Huh? Jumbo Slice Is the 12th Best Pizza in America?

Listmakers just don't get our city, especially when it comes to restaurants.  Last week, Esquire perplexed nearly everyone by naming Roberto Donna "Chef of the Year." Now, the Post brings to our attention that the folks over at The Daily Meal have a new ranking of the top 35 pizzas in the country. And somehow, Adams Morgan's Jumbo Slice Pizza cracked the top 12. As The Daily Meal explains:

It may anger pizza purists to hear, but it looks like in this case bigger is better. Jumbo Slice Pizza in Washington, D.C.'s Adams Morgan neighborhood offers just that, jumbo-sized slices for the ever-so-hungry crowd looking to fill their stomachs to capacity (most frequently, when they're drunk). There's virtually no structural integrity, and it's all about the gimmick, but this cheesy, saucy, gigantic slice is actually really, really tasty (and no, not just because you're drunk when you eat it). Face it, folks, the jumbo slice has become a local mainstay, and practically one of the city's iconic foods at this point. The only thing holding it back from world domination? A bigger oven so it can get even more ridiculous.

2Amys also makes the list at No. 33. No, we can't believe it either. Not only is 2Amys better than Jumbo Slice Pizza, but there are at least 12 other D.C.-area restaurants that also serve superior pies. In no particular order:

Menomale Pizza Napoletana

Ristorante Posto


Pizzeria Orso

H &pizza

Seventh Hill

Pizzeria Paradiso


Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria

Comet Ping Pong


Got another pizzeria that's better than Jumbo Slice? Name it in the comments.

  • Will Sommer

    Kavanagh's Pizza Pub!

  • JeffB

    Vace! Vace is take out but so is Jumbo Slice.

  • Eric

    The pizza at Astor in Adams Morgan is great!

  • Jeremy C

    Rustik in Bloomingdale...that was easy

  • Erm

    Vace never gets the love it deserves.

  • MtP

    I know not originally from DC, but Pi Pizzeria is always awesome. Ella's, while not great is certainly better than Jumbo Slice. How about the Chef of the Year's own Al Dente?! Not amazing either and the award is absurd, but certainly better than Jumbo Slice. Mellow Mushroom right across the street? Better than Jumbo Slice. Alberto's version of Jumbo Slice is unarguably better than the junk served on 18th.

  • Paul

    Pizza CS in Rockville

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I didn't think I would like it, but Pi Pizzeria is really addictive.

  • cottontail

    What!? District of Pi is obviously the best schmancy pizza in DC ( Matchbox's Fire & Smoke is a close second). I get where they're coming from though. I grew up in the burbs and was thoroughly unimpressed with the junk pizza options in the District when I first moved up here. The junk pizza is just that! Jumbo slice is a better option than the other cookie cutter joints when you need a pizza fix and don't want to deal with an actual restaurant.

  • BenBen


  • SW

    Tagolio in Crystal City

  • Peter

    The sausage pizza at the Stained Glass pub in Wheaton is absolutely wonderful. And Vesta's in Boonesboro is a place that serves legitimate New York pizza.

  • Duane

    Faccia Luna

  • Duane

    Italian Store, Fireworks, Liberty Tavern, Pie-Tanza, Mia's

  • srs


  • Jen

    Giuseppi's in Rockville

  • Brian

    Duck confit pizza at Rustico

  • Josh

    Flippin' Pizza is a chain store that is still better than Jumbo Slice.

  • MtP

    Yeah, I actually meant District of Pi when I said Pi Pizzeria, mistyped. Always solid, though might need to boycott it for a couple weeks after last night...

  • MPaarlberg

    How has nobody mentioned Moroni & Brothers in Petworth? Delicious and has soy cheese options.

  • Jane

    Lost Dog can be hit or miss, but the hits are knockouts. Love that place. Is this list some kind of joke?

  • Jake

    Harrys Nut House Pizza in Wheaton.

  • Christy

    We The Pizza is one of my favorites.

  • Micah

    Kouzina Angelina's on U St.

  • Italian Pizza

    Many bullshit names, but wait for "Italian Pizza" ... we will crush the non-Italian pizza market and rescue pizza from canned tomato sauce and canned toppings. No more pizza that sucks from guys who borrowed start up money from Momar Gadafi.

  • Christina

    Lost Dog is by far a superior pie - and is even left off of most of Y&H lists!! Let's change that, shall we?

  • Janet Barnes

    il Canale, Georgetown

  • AWD

    Hat's off to LUIGI'S - 19th Street, NW DC

    They've been around for 40 years...that should tell you how good it is!!!!

  • Chabi Boni

    I second Moroni Bros. Not only because their pie is awesome, but also because you can go all cross cultural and still be a true Washingtonian by getting a pupusa as a starter.

  • Angelina

    Hey, JUMBO SLICE, how about a tasting in our office?

  • Jacques

    I'd put il Canale and Moroni brothers, and Vace, and the Italian Store way ahead, but I'd also put some half-decent delivery places like Duccini's or Pizza Movers ahead of your average jumbo slice.

    (Plus is the list referring to Pizza Mart? The other place down the street, or all jumbo-slice offerings on 18th street as the collective "Jumbo Slice.")

  • Andrew Siddons

    Pizza Boli's.

  • Ep Sato

    We the Pizza! I love their NYC style pizza slices!

  • SWMLuvah

    Still looking :( Miss NY PIZZA!

  • Tired of You Dumb Asses

    What about Marino's on route 1 in Alexandria, they are better than Dumbo Slice by far.

  • jake


  • John Converse

    Vace, only the best pizza in DC.

  • Gelinda

    Lost Dog in Arlington has some awesome pizza, the best I've ever tasted. Delia's near the Hoffman movie theater in Alexandria also has very good pizza. I like the options that they both provide for toppings.

  • Anon

    H and Pizza duh

  • Joe

    Alberto's--when they can manage to keep themselves open.

  • Jonathan

    Both Rustik and Bacio deserve to be on that list.

  • ahoya

    Vace and Mamma Lucia.

  • maktoo

    I have love for Manny & Olga's, particularly their meatball pizza. It's delish. And Kavanagh's, when I'm feelin' fancy!

  • chezwhat

    Vace is the place.