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Molecular Astronomy

José AndrésMinibar is back and more expensive than ever. Instead of a piddly $150 per person, the 20-plus course tasting now costs $225 (before tax and tip). What else could you eat around D.C. for that kind of cash? Here are some suggestions:

Graphic by Carey Jordan

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  • John

    There is a lot of hate for this restaurant, assuming it is just pretentious and over-priced. While its easy for us to scoff at the price, you do have to consider the operational costs of a restaurant that only serves 12 people a night, and provides them with dozens of courses.

    Each ingredient has to be acquired, not to mention that places like Minibar use the most expensive ingredients around - probably making up a huge about of the $225 entry fee (truffles can cost $1000+/lb). Most of the dishes requires hours of labor, and they do have to pay cooks. It's safe to assume they aren't hiring the cheapest cooks around...

    Yes this food is for the rich, but comparing it to Chipotle is just silly. Obviously people don't eat here because they're hugry. It's an artistic experience - hopefully someday I can afford to go there...