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Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Last Night’s Leftovers: Douglas Jefferson Day Edition

A fake holiday giving D.C. residents a reason to drink [City Desk] Movie night at Atlas Arcade [Frozen Tropics] Inside Drafting Table in Logan Circle [BYT] Marrakesh closes on New York Ave. NW. [PoP] Where to eat (and drink) the vote [Eater] Restaurateur Hakan Ilhan and famed chef Roberto Donna opening another restaurant at 425 I […]

D.C.’s First Sushi Food Truck Will Serve Deep Fried Fusion Rolls

Mojo Truck and Tapas Truck owner Damian Dajcz will launch Sushipao, D.C.'s first sushi truck, in mid-October. But don't expect your average spicy tuna or California rolls. Dajcz's sushi will have some untraditional Latin and Mexican twists. The Argentine says the menu is still in the works, but he won't use much raw fish. Instead, the […]

Market Research: Carrots

It’s the season of root vegetables, but the weather doesn’t always comport with a 400-degree oven. Carrots offer a compromise; They’re delightful cooked, but also work well in raw salads. We talked with Big Bear Café chef John Cochran about having the vegetable both ways. How to Buy: Look for firm, crisp roots. Don’t worry […]

Cocktail Guess: It’s My Birthday. Make Me a drink.

Location: Room 11, 3234 11th St. NW Bartender Response: “What if I made you what I’d like to drink on my birthday?” What We Got: The 4th Regiment with Redemption rye, Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth, Peychaud’s bitters, Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6, and Scrappy’s celery bitters with a lemon peel How It Tasted: Sweet, savory, […]

Green Hat Gin is Almost Here

New Columbia Distillers—D.C.'s first (legal) distillery in more than a century—now aims to release bottles of its Green Hat Gin the first week of October. Co-founder John Uselton tells Y&H: "We are doing botanical experiments right now and bottling a few cases of each trial. We are quickly zeroing in on our final recipe." Stay […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Popinator Edition

A popcorn cannon that shoots kernels into your mouth on voice command [HuffPost] Tea house and "foot sanctuary" coming to Arlington. [ARLnow] Restaurant critics from around the country give their take on D.C.'s food scene. [Eater] Belga Cafe chef Bart Vandaele dishes on his Top Chef secrecy. [WBJ] Happy hour at Whole Foods [Post] Philly […]

Shell Raiser

Air Force colonel-turned-oyster farmer Bruce Wood pilots his boat from his dock toward a tiny island in the middle of Nomini Creek in Virginia’s Northern Neck. “Now, here’s a dichotomy,” says Wood, wearing a bright pink shirt and khaki shorts, as the wind blows back his hair on a recent Saturday. “I was in charge […]

Free Cupcakes: The Answer to Political Bickering?

Sprinkles launches a "Pay It Forward" campaign today in the hopes of sweetening some of the bitterness that typically accompanies party politics on Capitol Hill. The campaign, exclusive to the cupcake shop’s Georgetown location, encourages members of Congress to send an order of cupcakes to a senator or representative from the opposing party, who—if the […]

Who’s on Top Chef?

Three D.C. chefs will compete on the next season of Bravo's Top Chef in Seattle. Y&H correctly predicted two of the contestants: Jeffrey Jew (who last we heard was chef of The Brixton, though Bravo doesn't mention that) and Belga Cafe's Bart Vandaele. A surprise third D.C. contestant is Seasonal Pantry chef Dan O'Brien. Check out the […]