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European-Style Cafe Coming to 14th and R Streets NW

Drafting Table, a gastropub soft-opening in Logan Circle next week, isn't the only place restaurateur Aaron Gordon has coming to 14th Street NW.

The owner of TangySweet, Red Velvet Cupcakery, and Rabbit also plans to open a European-style cafe at the corner of 14th and R streets NW—just a block from Drafting Table. Gordon is still in the preliminary planning stages, but he envisions an espresso bar during the day and a casual spot for beer and wine with light bites in the evenings.

The cafe is tentatively called Bar di Bari—an homage to Bari, Italy, where Gordon's family comes from. But Gordon makes a point to say that this will not be another Italian joint, although it may have a few Italian dishes. (The neighborhood is already being dubbed Really Little Italy, with at least eight Italian and pizza places scheduled to open.)

The less than 1,300 sq. ft. space will fit about 25 people inside, and Gordon hopes to have an outdoor cafe for about 50. If all goes as planned, the cafe will open next spring.

Photo by Jessica Sidman


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    25 people in, 50 people out on public space...interesting business model!

    What it should be dubbed is Adams Morgan II. That is where it is headed. Coming soon, puke in the streets, urinating frat boys in your front yard! Let Jim Graham get his way in gutting the ABRA policies around voluntary agreements and watch it happen.

    Send Graham to jail before he wrecks our neighborhood.

  2. Non-NIMBY Logan Circler

    Really? Using that old canard?

    What you don't seem to realize is that the vast majority of the residents of our neighborhood WANT MORE of the exciting dining and drinking and socialization options that are coming in response to, and in order to adequately meet the service needs of, the phenomenal population growth in our exceedingly desirable locale.

    If you are no longer one who appreciates all of the current and coming amenities supported by the rest of us in our dynamic and enjoyable diverse urban neighborhood, well, you could decide to move to . . .

  3. Anti Logan Circlejerker

    I've lived near this intersection for a long time, perhaps even longer than the grouchy Logan Circler above. Long enough to know what we've dealt with from a couple buildings across the street. If Logan Circler would give me a free NIMBY shirt for every DCMPD meeting, email, and community confab on those bldgs, I'd have free shirts for a year.

    And there is nothing I welcome more than 50 sets of eyes and ears parked in cafe seats there. And customers coming and going. Yes please until midnight or even a little later on the week nights, and even later on the weekends.

    Thugs R Us will be put out of business, and Logan Circler you can ship out with them.

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