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Fork & Spade Food Truck and Restaurant Coming to Tenleytown

Chef Alex Bous, who's worked in the kitchens of 2941 and Clyde's, is bringing a seasonally-focused food truck and restaurant serving American food "with a twist" to Tenleytown.

Bous and his fiancee/chef de cuisine Renee Straus plan to launch the Fork & Spade food truck early next week. A restaurant with the same name will open at 4619 41st St. NW in the spring.

The food truck's menu will change frequently to reflect local ingredients that are in season, but some dishes might include a Frito burger, a "French dog" (a hot dog on a French toast bun) with onion jam and mustard sauce, and fried fish tacos with spicy cabbage slaw, Sriracha, and lime. Other dishes to look out for as the temperature drops: chili and "caul and cheese," a cross between mac and cheese and cauliflower gratin.

Instead of hitting the downtown circuit, Bous would like to keep the truck around Tenleytown, which doesn't get much food truck action. He also sees it as a way to introduce neighbors to his cooking before the brick-and-mortar spot opens. The family-focused restaurant will feature similar food to the truck along with an artisanal beer and wine menu and cocktails with house-infused liquors.

The 4,000 sq. ft. restaurant space is located in a building owned by Bous' father. Although the design is still in the works, Bous says it will be riddled with wood, glass, and slate. One of the highlights will be a walk-in fridge with a window facing the dining room, so guests can peer in.

Before the build-out is complete, Bous also plans to to hold a series of pop-ups at the restaurant, using the truck parked on the patio as a kitchen.

Bous, a native Washingtonian, started his restaurant industry career at age 15 working for Deli Italiano in Great Falls, Va., before going on to work for 2941 and Clyde's. He then moved to New York, where he met Straus, and most recently worked at an Italian restaurant called Gigi Trattoria. Among the highlights of Texas-native Straus' career is a stint at The Herbfarm outside of Seattle, which uses ingredients nearly exclusively from its own farm and garden.

The couple is set to get married in May—just after their projected restaurant opening.

Photos courtesy Alex Bous

  • RT

    Cute couple!!

  • James

    Child of privilege starts hipster business, yawn

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  • Leslie P

    Hi - I've seen your truck parked on River Road at a home, maybe yours? Anyway, I'm starting a food truck enterprise in NC for veterans and would love to have a peek inside your truck to see how you've outfitted it, and learn who did the work.

    Thanks for your reply. Good luck!

  • dude

    James. That may be so, but who cares. The food sounds awesome!

  • RSL

    I just saw the food truck pull up in front of my building. This is a well needed venture for the tenleytown area. I was a little jealous after a visit to Farragut Square during the lunch rush and seeing the plethora of food trucks available to all of the business people. I wish you the best in your venture and cant wait to try out the food!!!

  • flan

    Another person whose parents funded the whole thing. So boring. Let's hear about a real hard working chef who works hard and makes it on their own.

  • Tammy

    Dude. I just had the sloppy sues (sloppy joe variation) and it was awesome!

  • Walker

    Food is superb, better than so many of those other food trucks whose food and ingredients are not very good. I saw one food truck who served guac in a watery liquid form... was so bad. It is nice to see a good food truck with great ingredients that make me so happy after every bite.

  • jay

    The food was blah at best. However after I ate, I felt nauseous. I sincerely hope that they are clean in that food truck.

  • SV

    So, are we to assume this is not happening? Building doesn't look like any work's been done in months.