Young and Hungry

D.C.’s First Sushi Food Truck Will Serve Deep Fried Fusion Rolls

Mojo Truck and Tapas Truck owner Damian Dajcz will launch Sushipao, D.C.'s first sushi truck, in mid-October.

But don't expect your average spicy tuna or California rolls. Dajcz's sushi will have some untraditional Latin and Mexican twists. The Argentine says the menu is still in the works, but he won't use much raw fish. Instead, the $8-12 rolls will be filled with tempura and cooked meats. Also expect ingredients like plantains, tomatillo salsa, and several other Latin-inspired sauces.

Craziest of all: You can get any roll deep-fried to order.

So why sushi (especially deep-fried sushi) from a guy whose specialty is chivito sandwiches? "I like challenges," Dajcz says. "When we hit the streets, we see 15 to 20 kabob trucks, pizza, so I'm trying to be more innovative and trying to be the first one."

  • Swedish in Berlin

    I actually ordered some kind of deep-fried sushi (by accident) yesterday, and was surprised of how good it was. Of course it depends on the sushi, and of the place - but I really liked it. For me it was the "extra spice" I often miss when I eat sushi.