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Who’s on Top Chef?

Three D.C. chefs will compete on the next season of Bravo's Top Chef in Seattle.

Y&H correctly predicted two of the contestants: Jeffrey Jew (who last we heard was chef of The Brixton, though Bravo doesn't mention that) and Belga Cafe's Bart Vandaele.

A surprise third D.C. contestant is Seasonal Pantry chef Dan O'Brien.

Check out the full list of contestants here.

  • Pete

    Two out of three ain't bad!

  • Justin

    Strange that there are no Seattle chefs in the game, but I love @Gina Keatley, she's hot, a CNN Hero and can cook! She's got it all going on 😉

  • tomaj

    please promise us that Y&H won't report every little detail about their lives, the way it did with mike isabella earlier. top chef tends to suck the air out of too many food blogs.

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