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Cocktail of the Future

Miss Dippin' Dots? Well, A BAR at Avenue Suites in the West End now serves a boozy take on the ice cream of the future.

Beverage Manager Brennan Adams initially called the ice cream cocktails "Drinkin' Dots" until he received a trademark infringement letter from Dippin' Dots lawyers. Now, they're "cryo-spheres." The frozen treats come in flavors like orange rum creamsicle and dark chocolate tequila and are served in shot glasses for $3.50.

Adams also makes "cryo-cocktails" by pouring a drink into liquid nitrogen while blending it. The result is a coarse Italian ice-like texture. For a Manhattan, Adams uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the bourbon into an ice cube that melts into a glass of Vermouth and bitters, strengthening the drink as it warms.

That's just the beginning of his mad scientist ideas. Adams is already brainstorming  new creations like gummy cocktails, which could translate to gummy spoons than are actually made of alcohol. Stay tuned.

A BAR, 2500 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; (202) 464-5610;

Video by Jessica Sidman

  • Warren Bobrow

    Didn't I see this technique at Tales? I think as we move into the future, people will crave nostalgia. A well crafted, handmade cocktail for me please.

  • Theon Greyjoy

    Bad idea.

    News story(look it up):
    Teenager has stomach removed to save her life after drinking lethal liquid nitrogen cocktail.

    Chefs and bartenders are not chemists.