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Bachelor Pad Star to Open Ladies Sports Bar in D.C. Area

Bachelor Pad heartbreaker and Bachelorette season 8 contestant Chris Bukowski is opening a bar in the D.C. area. And Cava chef Dimitri Moshovitis will be consulting on the menu.*

How and what?! Bukowski previously worked with the New York Islanders, where he got to know ASC Tickets owner Jeff Greenberg, an investor in Cava Mezze Grill. "He's a great sales guy, aside from being America's most handsome man," Greenberg tells Y&H.

The two knew each other before Bukowski appeared on the Bachelorette, and Bukowski (who recently moved to Maryland from Chicago) has regularly frequented the Cava restaurants. Greenberg tells Y&H he will also be an investor in the yet-unnamed venture and helped loop Moshovitis into the project.

Eater reported yesterday that it will be a "ladies style" sports bar. Nicole Pettitt, another investor who works for Greenberg, tells Y&H the place will serve "really nice edgy food that women would like." The menu will consist of small plate bar food, "not just wings and potato skins." Greenberg also says he envisions "leather sofas where ladies can drink wine." By day and into the evening, the place will play sports on TVs, but later at night, it will transform into a dancing destination.

Although they haven't locked down a location yet and are looking at spaces across the region, the group hopes to open in Clarendon. Several Bachelorette alum will be investors in the restaurant, including Kalon McMahon and Ed Swiderski. Bukowski plans to ask his fans for input on everything from the bar's design to the menu.

More will be revealed during a Bachelor Pad finale viewing party at Sugo Cicchetti in Potomac on Monday at 7 p.m. The party, which doubles as Bukowski's 26th birthday celebration, is open to the public. In a press release, Bukowski promises to dish about his love life, game strategy, and restaurant venture.

*UPDATE 12/26/12: Cava chef Dimitri Moshovitis is no longer consulting on the restaurant.

CORRECTION: Due to a reporting error, a previous version of this story stated that Jeff Greenberg is one of the main investors in Cava. In fact, he is a minority investor in Cava Mezze Grill.

Photo via ABC Bachelor Pad

  • TM

    This might not be the restauranteur that Claredon wants, but it's the restauranteur that it deserves.

    Also, "ladies"? Is this like how all boner ads have to refer to men as "guys"?

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  • Dan Riley

    This is embarrassing.

  • Jane

    He describes women like an alien who has only observed them from a distance.

  • Park Potomac

    This is happening outside my office right now, and it's driving me insane. Watching this on a portable big screen in Rockville wearing an Ed Hardy shirt does not make you cool, Rico.

  • C.J.

    Just don't do it, please. Save the space for a business that might stay around for more than 6 months.

  • deer gawd

    I just read this aloud for my entire office. Thank you. Best christmas present ever.

  • John

    Why does the city paper not mention that Jeff Greenberg is a partner and co owner in Spike's Good Stuff? Typical lazy reporting!