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Are You Gonna Eat That? Brains at The Pig

The Dish: Porchetta with pig brains

Where to Get It: The Pig, 1320 14th St. NW; (202) 290-2821;

Price: $12

What It Is: A hearty cross-section of roasted pork belly stuffed with brains and hazelnuts, served with greens and hog gravy.

What It Tastes Like: A stroke of genius. Lush, succulent pork belly is complemented by the crunch of sweet hazelnuts. The creamy, almost spongey texture of pork noggin is only detectable if you're looking.

History of the Dish: Chef Garret Fleming drew his inspiration from a recipe found in the Apicius, an ancient Roman cookbook, and from the many versions of porchetta he found while traveling in Sicily.

How to Eat It: No need for a knife. The meat is fork-tender.

Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito

  • Alicia

    No, I would not.

  • Tom

    Had it two weekends ago. Fantastic! The belly is so crispy on the outside and the 'dressing' with the brains is delicious and I doubt you'd identify it as brains if they didn't say so.

  • Monkeyrotica

    Two, please.

  • Jane

    YES IT IS SO GOOD. Whoever doesn't eat it needs to give theirs to me.

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  • EP Sato

    I ate at the Pig about a week ago and was pretty disappointed. Service was just okay, and the pricing seemed high for a place with somewhat limited fare.

    So the butter is made with porkfat, how cool. Yet, someone explain to me how it's possible that a place specializing in pig products has no "platter of pork cracklins" option? I was excited to eat some chicharon and discovered they opted to keep that option off the menu! Per my waiter, they'd considered it, but opted against.

    Somehow, I expected more. The $14 appetizer platter was like we paying too much for cold cuts and hard bread.

    Overall, I can't recommend this restaurant. It's just not the all you can eat, pig out, pig based, everything you could possibly wish for that comes from a pig type restaurant. Better in concept than in execution.

  • anon

    is it kosher?

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