Young and Hungry

Restaurant TV Shows We Hope to See Soon

Earlier this week, Washingtonian revealed that restaurateurs Todd and Ellen Gray of Equinox and Watershed are working with a local TV producer to pitch a reality show competition for restaurant designers. We've got some better ideas for local restaurant-centric TV series:

Buns of Anarchy

Five Guys join a motorcycle gang, trafficking fry sauce and stopping for shakes along the way. Spike Mendelsohn joins on his Vespa.

Baking Bad

A struggling pastry chef turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine—and cupcakes.

Jersey Shore: Mike Isabella Edition

The Graffiato chef hits the Boardwalk and gives new meaning to GTL: Gnocchi, Tomatoes, Lardo.

Game of Scones

Political power players vie for the best breakfast pastries in the dining room at the Four Seasons.

Bachelor Pad

Every Friday night at Public Bar.

  • Meh

    This was not funny at all.

  • NovaNicole

    Lame. What the hell is GTL?

  • sea bright nj restaurants

    I was just wondering to know about the time when this great show will be shown on TV. This seems to be have very different concept from any other shows.