Young and Hungry

Finally, a Great D.C. Taco Spot?

Tacos El Chilango is now open off of U Street NW. If their food truck is indication, this is good news for D.C.'s lackluster taco scene. (The Arlington-based truck has five stars on Yelp with 169 reviews.)

The taco spot comes from Mexico City natives and brothers Jesus Santacruz and Juan Antonio. "Chilango" is slang for a person from Mexico City.

The menu has nine types of tacos, including three vegetarian varieties. The meat options include carne asada, chicken, al pastor, chorizo, beef tongue, and steak or chicken with sausage. All tacos cost $2.50 or $2.25. There's also a selection of aguas frescas and Mexican sodas.

Stopped in yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Tacos El Chilango, 1119 V St. NW; (202) 986-3030

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • Phil

    Stopped by on Wednesday and it was just as good as the truck. I'm so excited for Juan and Jesus; I hope they thrive at this location. I know I'll be eating here regularly.

  • Area Man

    Does this mean I can walk outside my door and get real Mexican (not Salvadorean) food without driving to Taco Bar in Gaithersburg? Woo hoo.

  • Chuck

    REALLY really good. So glad to have a nice casual place 3 blocks from home. The chorizo is particularly amazing. The house made salsas are delicious too

  • The unwise

    Word to the wise: This place is closed today even though it is normally open Mondays. Sign says back open tomorrow.

  • Luis

    This place is just as amazing as the tacos from the streets of Mexico, it just doesn't get any better than this!! The salsa and the price is just amazing this is just the place for me finally a real authentic mexican joint!!

  • Gabe

    Love it here I went to Mexico a year ago and ate all kind of tacos, this is just as authentic as it can get wow this place makes me feel like I'm back in Mexico!! They just taste so good I think even better than in Mexico, I know im going to come here all the time! Call me in!

  • Tom


    District Taco has been open for a couple months now, and it is far better than great.

  • Gabe

    I been to Mexico 3 times and district taco is not Mexican!! It's not auhentic for me District taco is same as taco bell! Tacos El chilango is real authentic Mexican tacos!!