Young and Hungry

Last Night’s Leftovers: Doggie Bag Edition

Fine dining for dogs (including the pooch patio menu at Art and Soul) [WSJ]

Restaurants to watch the Olympic games [Zagat]

Izakaya Seki opening on Sunday [Thrillist]

One year later, Rogue 24 has ditched the dining contract and lightened up on the no photo policy. [Eater]

Tutti Frutti fro-yo shop coming to Pentagon City [ARLnow]

Seedless watermelons are just as flavorful as those with seeds. [NPR]

Dining at Green Pig Bistro is like a scene out of Portlandia. [NoVa Mag]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dines at i Ricchi [Reliable Source]

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  • anon

    Just read NYT/IHT pieces on Sesame Street creating programming to address children coping with hunger. Real kids in this highly developed country, not abstract 'starving children in Africa', with a message about older siblings leaving enough food for younger and dealing with food supply which only last 25 out of 30 days in the month.

    Good to see in these days of food insecurity that dogs eat in style while kids go to bed hungry