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Are You Gonna Eat That? El Chucho’s Blood Sausage Sope

The Dish: Sope de Moronga

Where to Get It: El Chucho, 3313 11th St. NW; (202) 290-3313

Price: $9

What It Is: A fried corn flour crust filled with loose pork blood sausage, topped with fresh tomatoes and a shiso leaf.

What It Tastes Like: What might happen if Aztecs were allowed to make sloppy joes. The coarse ground sausage is soft in texture, thick and heavy from coagulated pig's blood, and seasoned with onions, garlic, and spices.  It is a dark contrast to the light, flaky crust and fresh tomatoes.

History of the Dish: The centuries-old delicacy is found throughout European cuisine (where it's known as black pudding or blood pudding) and Asian cuisines. Mexicans often remove the casing and use the sausage as a filling for tacos, soups, and in this case, sopes.

How to Eat It: This crumbly, unwieldy hand-pie is best eaten in as few bites as possible.  Just pick up that sucker and enjoy!

Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito

  • Martin


  • Jane

    As a blood sausage lover I thought this was just OK. Way overpriced for the size.

  • lauren

    I still think we should do the scraps reality show. LOL

  • Mike

    There's nothing gross about blood sausage, it's just not a familiar food. I thought that this was great, although I will admit that I'm not a blood sausage expert.

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