Young and Hungry

Hank’s on the Hill is Almost Here

Hank's Oyster Bar opens its third location on Capitol Hill on Monday. The centerpiece of the New England beach cottage-esque space is the 20-seat "Eddy Bar" where mixology queen Gina Chervsevani, a partner in the restaurant, will prepare her signature cocktails. Meanwhile, chef and owner Jamie Leeds has some new dishes in store, including a grilled duck breast, lamb burger, and local sea scallops  with cauliflower fondue, sea bean, and shiitake mushrooms.  She's also expanded the "meat and two" (entree with two sides) section of menu.

Highlights from the drink menu:

Virginia is for Lovers

Catoctin Creek Organic Watershed Gin, raspberry shrub, and mint

Pirate Riot

Chairman’s Reserve Rum, Peychaud’s Bitters, white pepper, pineapple, and Rayon Vert Belgian Style Pale Ale

Georgia Mafia

Peanut washed Michter’s American Whiskey, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, and marshmallow bitters

Hanky Panky “Hill Style”

Citrus sage soda and a choice of gin or vodka

These devices that look like they're intended for use in torture sessions will actually be used to pick up and carve the giant blocks of ice from which bartenders will carve portions for your drink. A "cold pad" ensures the blocks of ice stay frozen.

Hank's Oyster Bar, 633 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202-733-1971;

Photos by Jessica Sidman

  • Barry

    Yeah, clearly that row with neighbors they're having in Dupont is close to driving them out of business.
    I'm sure those artisnal cocktalis are fairly priced too. Another spot for the 1%.

  • Tom M.

    17th Street's loss is Cap Hill's gain.

  • George52

    Looks like a very lovely place.

  • Scott

    Losing a few outside tables outside on Q St isn't that big a dent in its business. Steadily packed at Dupont location. Glad to see them expanding, though I wish their prices weren't so high. That drink menu looks like they'll only be going higher.

  • absmom

    Amazing! Food, drink, atmosphere and neighborhood are all incorporated into this quaint little spot on the Hill. Perhaps Barry should stick to the $ menu at McDonalds

  • TadC

    People love to complain..... How could anyone on Capitol Hill not be excited about Hank's opening? You want a nice restaurant that serves $2 drinks? Move to fantasyland, because that ain't happening in Washington D.C.

  • Derek

    A combo of Gina and Chef Jamie is DEF the Hill's Barry, enjoy the sad old same ole! Excited more areas are coming to the Hill!