Young and Hungry

H &pizza Now Open

H Street NE now has a place to satisfy your cravings for whole wheat-crusted pizza with mushroom truffle sauce—or a plain cheese pizza. H &pizza, located in the space formerly occupied by Birdland, opened today at 11 a.m.

Owners Steve Salis and Michael Lastoria proudly tout the fact that every pie is fired to order. Among the more intriguing menu items at the counter service spot is the "Moonstruck" pie with mushroom truffle sauce, goat cheese, mushrooms, fig marsala, red pepper chili oil, and crushed black pepper.

You can also customize your pizza with a choice of three types of dough (traditional, whole wheat, and 9-grain) and six house-made sauces (including red chickpea, spicy tomato, and basil pesto), plus a selection of toppings, flavored oils, and cheeses. Watch the chefs making fresh mozzarella from a small counter in the back.

The prices look pretty affordable too: A cheese pizza costs $6.82 (before tax), and a pizza with unlimited toppings is $8.64. Finish up with a dessert pizza ($5.91) topped with Nutella, ricotta, strawberry, powdered sugar, and pecans.

H &pizza will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and until 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

H &pizza, 1118 H St. NE; 202-733-1285;


Photo courtesy of Doug Rashid

  • steve

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Stop indulging these hipster-fad-pizza places. The more so called "foodies" talk about them, the more they will pop up.

    These places suck with a capital "S". They manage to ruin the most basic of foods, the most cherished of childhood memories and the most delicious of foods. Pizza is not meant to have fancy truffle crap. Its not meant to have fancy oyster mushrooms with clam sauce and goat cheese wheat crème freche.

    its PIZZA!!! Cheese, tomato, dough...thats it...its a simple easy and delicious thing...oh and another thing...its suppose to be CHEAP!!! Not 9$ a slice. Or whatever people are getting away with charging these days.

  • RT

    steve- you mean $9 a PIZZA? B/c that's what this place is charging, which happens to be cheaper than your Pizza Hut crap.

  • steve

    yea...because pizza hut is dare you suggest that.

    Though it probably is better than glutten free chocolate truffle goat cheese pizza or whatever crap hipster order

  • Trinidader

    If you don't want goat cheese and figs on your pizza then don't order it. If you look at their menu you'll see you can get a plain cheese pizza for $7 or a one topping with sausage or something not weird for $8 or so. Went for lunch today and it was great. Plenty of food for one person for the price.

  • Sonya Wins

    DC likes kitschy establishments. Unfortunately Steve, that's the nature of the city's new direction.

  • Michael Farrell

    If you want Jumbo Slice or Domino's, you can still get it.

    I remember what this city was ten and twenty years ago. Cheap rents aside, I'm not sure why anyone would want to go back. Almost everything that we had then, we still have now; most new business has opened in formerly vacant property.

  • Old People

    it beats that pizza crap that is sold at Eddie's and Danny's.

  • grr

    hey steve go to hell

  • PK

    WOW! Great pizza, fresh & fast. We had the gnarlic and the maverick and both were excellent..good value for the money. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

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